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From one of our listeners:

"Oh My G-d!
What is this site?"
Daryl Bradford Smith: iamthewitness@hotmail.com

Do you know what Zionism is, and why so many Jews, Christians, Muslims, and atheists are opposing it?

Our site has the information you need to understand Zionism.

We have moved beyond 9/11 and are working on removing this cancer from our world. If you are still confused by 9/11, watch the videos here:


The criminal network

 is sinking!
Help us drown these rats!

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Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897:
"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends". 
— From Herzl's Diary

Help us move the human race beyond this primitive existence of monarchies, exploitation, corruption, and wars. Push our articles and interviews on your friends! Daryl Bradford Smith does not discuss or investigate evidence related to the Holocaust. He will however speak about free speech issues and our basic human right to freely exchange ideas. We at The French Connection are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or in any way prejudiced against any race, creed, color, or national origin. We are prejudiced only against criminals.
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Harold Wallace Rosenthal
Please, take a look at what he says, and help us find goyim who can prove him wrong

Certainly there are thousands of goyim with courage, intelligence, and morality, aren't there?

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Please help us spread this speech
Ben Freedman became so disgusted with the Zionist movement that he changed his name from the Jewish spelling (Friedman) and he exposed some of the diabolical plots that helped set the stage for the endless wars in the Mideast.
Please  click here,  listen to his speech, and pass this link around.

Documents by Freedman

 . US Presidents, Jewish Pawns
 . The Truth about Khazars
 . His speech in 1974 about "Jews"

How Deep is the Deception?
Can we trust the American Free Press?
Click here

A response to Michael Collins Piper
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Get your Masters in Deception
Lesson # 8: Criticize your own Assumptions
Example: Sam Danner
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Crypto Jews blow their cover
Have you been following the Bollyn arrest and the Sam Danner controversy?

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Christopher Bollyn arrested!
Don't be a frightened sheep. Pass this information around and ask for an investigation into this strange event.
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Israel can spy on us, but not the NSA
The ACLU has fooled Judge Taylor into ordering the NSA to stop spying on Americans.

The ACLU pretends to be protecting us, but they will not help us expose the Israeli spy ring, 9/11, or the attack on the USS Liberty. Two reports about the Israeli spy ring are here and here.

Can you see what is happening? The ACLU, ADL, SPLC, and other "defenders of freedom" are ignoring all Zionist crimes. These groups promote freedom of speech but they also support laws that prohibit discussions of the Holocaust.

If you know people in the NSA, CIA, or military, explain to them that we need their help. They should spy on the Newhouse family, the Bronfman family, Larry Silverstein, and thousands of other Zionists and "truth seekers". Tell them to help us remove this Zionist Cancer!

Send them this link

Pataki signs 3 laws to compensate NYC victims of WTC demolition dust

Thousands of people are suffering health problems, and some have died, but the victims only care about who pays their medical and funeral bills! Millionaire Mayor Bloomberg complains the city cannot afford to help!

This is equivalent to a gang of government officials and television executives raping your children, one of whom dies, and you respond by asking for help with the medical and funeral bills! Meanwhile, the gang remains free to rape some more. What is wrong with Americans?

. Officials use victims' money to fight lawsuit!

. Most of 12,000 firefighters have lung damage

Why do Americans allow this abuse? Most people still do not realize that the illness was caused by the deliberate demolition of the WTC towers and Building 7. Please help us educate and motivate people to expose 9/11 as a scam, and that the media is a Zionist network. Tell people about the attack on the USS Liberty, tell them to watch videos on 9/11, and tell them to look at reasons why we accuse the Zionists of 9/11.
Please pass around this link about the dust

Uranium makes the news again
An AP report of US soldiers suffering from uranium exposure appears in both UK and US news: take a look!

Reports from years earlier, such as this, were ignored. Will these new reports be ignored?

With 9/11 becoming exposed, if we can also expose their contamination of the planet with uranium, the Zionists could be in trouble! So help us spread this information!

The "Globalists" have finally been identified! Rejoice!

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Laugh at the "New World Order"
We have what you need to keep your spirits up as you help us expose and defeat the Zionists.

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Zionist Terrorist Cell Identified
We have proof that a Zionist Terrorist Cell is operating in Austin, Texas.

Please, warn everybody!

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Some videos on Zionism
1) Rabbis against Zionism
2) Philosophy of Israel and Zionism
...and more

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White Supremacists
Are they real Nazis?
Or Ashkenazis?

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Will history repeat itself? 
The book "Germany Must Perish!" is one of many Zionist documents that explained their plans, but most goyim don't care or cannot understand. Will we soon have a book "America Must Perish!" that calls for the sterilization of Americans? How about a book for  the Brits?
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US Marine Corp General Butler
Smedley Butler was a Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps. He wrote War Is A Racket in 1933. Obviously, his message has yet to have an effect. So click here and help spread it.

Photos of Lebanon before bombing
An extensive set of high quality photos of the houses, land, and cities. There are 28 pages (pages 29 to 40 don't seem to work).
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Boycott Israel... go to jail
We have the right to avoid products from whichever company and nation we please... except Israel.
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The Russian Mafia
Have you seen the evidence that the Ashkenazis — not the Russian goyim — are behind the Russian Mafia? Click here for the report in PDF format.

This article is from The Barnes Review

The nation formerly known as Britain
Anonymous Andy has a short article on how "Friends of Israel" are creating the United Kingdom of Zion, a nation formerly known as Britain. Click here.

The 1919 Holocaust that Failed 
We are not always successful on our first attempt

Click here

The official 9/11 story is Collapsing
Our 9-11 Collapse Timeline

The Zionist Network shaping how Americans view 9/11

The criminals are posing as saviors
The criminals are feeling the pressure, so they are trying their best to disguise themselves as 9-11 "Truth Seekers" and as "liberals" who will save us from President Bush. Don't become their victim!

Have you seen this article yet?

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The criminals are
determined to remain in control
The expression "9-11 Bowel Movement" is an unpleasant but accurate way of describing the BS that comes from most of the 9-11 "Truth Seekers".

Have you seen this article yet?

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Hufschmid interviews Columbine mother
Even if some of Donna Taylor's information is inaccurate, thousands of people knew the attack was coming.

It is worse than you thought!

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"Zionism Lite"
Why don't Noam Chomsky and other Jews come out full-force against Zionism? Click here for Zionism Lite

The people who tip-toe around Zionists are protecting them
Here is a summary of why we accuse Zionists of being the masterminds to the 9-11 attack

Rabbi Gedalya Liebermann on Zionism:
"Jews loyal to G-d should stay away from it like one would from fire"
His article is here

If you still don't get it, what if terrorists detonated nuclear bombs in the USA?
Click here and think about it

A Black Pope special
Daryl Bradford Smith has a special audio message to help you understand that the Black Pope theories are deception. Don't be a sucker!

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The Black Pup

The bizarre case of Michael Zebuhr
Only The French Connection cares about this student!

Why do the "9-11 Investigators" ignore this?

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The Rothschild Family
Timeline of Rothschild family

We also have a timeline for the Money Changers.

For more information, watch The Money Masters at Google video:

Part 1  .   Part 2   .   Part 3

A DVD is available at their web site:

How can we get
college students to care?
The myspace.com controversy

Click here!

Students years ago were at least partially interested in their future

Prepare for the Battle

People of all races, religions, and nationalities are growing tired of Zionists, Monarchies, the Rothschilds, and other criminals.

These criminals  have been torturing the world for centuries. Some of us have had enough of their abuse.

Click here to learn about it, and prepare for battle.

Real Jews

How many Zionists are "real" Jews?
Arthur Koestler exposes this
issue in his book The Thirteenth Tribe

Zionists are claiming Palestine on the grounds that their ancestors lived there 2000 years ago, but the Ashkenazi Jews came from Asia and are only Jewish by religion. 

"My brothers and I converted to Hinduism, so we deserve a homeland in India. You are anti-Hindu if you disagree."
Becoming a Hindu does not give you the right to a homeland in India, so why should Zionists have a right to Palestine?

Click here for the perspective of Jewish historian Arthur Koestler

The French Connection is offering Educational Courses to help you earn your
Masters in Deception
Lesson #1: Aliens and Religion
The fine line between Beliefs and Deception
Lesson # 2: The Deception Dollar
Deception for who?
Lesson # 3: Who are the "Illuminati"?
Lesson # 4: What are "Handlers"?
What is the connection with Deb Simon, Phil Jayhan, John Kaminski, etc?
Lesson # 5: What is a "Strawman"?
UFOs, Normal Livergood, The Pod Theory
Lesson # 6: Deceiving with the Truth
Example: The World Trade Center dust
Lesson # 7: Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists
Lesson # 8: Criticize your own Assumptions
Example: Sam Danner

More criminals identify themselves!

Click here

The Sheen case gets worse!
Now he is accused of being with a "shemale" porn star, and may be taken to court over the death of porn star. What will be next?

Send this to your friends

Thomas Edison and the rise of Hollywood
Did you check out our Einstein page? If so, you know you must be careful believing the media.

Here is an alternative view of Edison and Hollywood, and here is an interesting view from Dr. Falk.

Did the Jews build Hollywood into a great enterprise? Or did they ruin television and Hollywood?

Female Iraq War Vets

Here is a report about the female soldiers maimed in the Iraq war. "You've come a long way, baby"

Also, the costs of the war are still rising!

More Iraq vets here, some with Bush.

"Get a clue!"

Israel's failed attack in Mexico
One month after 9/11, two Israelis were arrested for trying to bomb the Mexican government. A Mexican Army general released them! The Zionists are deceiving and manipulating all nations.
Click here

The Mexican Army also serves Israel

US Government officials are
bought and paid for by Ashkenazi Isreali lobbiests!
Of the 400 leading contributors in the 2000 elections, 7 of the top 10 were Ashkenazi Zionists, as were 12 of the top 20.

President Truman was given millions in cash during the 1948 election by Ashkenazi Zionists.

"We control America"
Sharon, Oct 2001
They also control Europe, Australia, and Canada
Only 2% of the US are Jews, and only some of them are Zionists. Why are we allowing this tiny group of Zionists to manipulate our nation?
Click here

Iraqi Jews; Israeli Niggers
Naeim Giladi was an Iraqi Jew in the Zionist underground helping Jews get to Palestine during the 1940's.

The Iraqi government arrested him, but he escaped to Isreal after 2 years of brutal imprisonment. He then discovered that he had been helping Iraqi Jews become Israeli Niggers.

Naeim Giladi
Since the Ashkenazi abuse other Jews (did you hear about their ringworm treatment?) the goyim are fools to expect decent treatment from them.
Click here for his story

The 2006 Human Trafficking Report
U.S. taxpayers finance human trafficking. This is a world-wide, profitable business. Furthermore, the customers of sex slaves can be blackmailed easily, so they make great Useful Idiots for the crime network. 

Schwartz; ice skater and slave dealer
Don't assume this is a "3rd world" problem. Former Austrian ice skating champion Wolfgang Schwartz was arrested for human trafficking (see the 2005 report).

Click here for a summary

The complete report for 2006 is here

All of the above and other articles can be found in
The French Connection's Archive

Let your friends know that free videos are at:



Under-Reported News

The French Connection Toolbar
One of our listeners created this for us. If you like to experiment with Internet browser toolbars, try this! Clicking the flag or the heart on the toolbar brings you to this site.

Nazi demonstration in Madison
Are these staged by Zionists? These Nazi goofs dress like Hitler's troops, and Tim Bishop is called "stormtrooper" director. Have you seen our evidence that these Nazis are actually Zionists? Here and here.

Amazing cloud formations
Interesting photos, and if your friend believes in UFO's, show him this.

Unexploded Israeli cluster bombs in Lebanon continue to kill
Land mines also continue to kill people years after a war. Uranium kills for even longer periods, and contaminates other nations.

Israeli general plans war with Iran
Israel wants the attack to be led by the USA and the hordes of Gullible Goyim. The "truth seekers" will then blame the war on "Neocons" or "Globalists"

Israel accidently fires at a Reuters car in Gaza
Reporters are still being attacked. Will Americans ever become fed up with supporting this Zionist Cancer?

Rabbinical Council of America hints that Israeli army was too nice
The Rabbis complain that Israelis died in the effort to reduce Lebanese deaths. Details here. Well, we Goyim are too nice to Zionists. We also need to change our attitudes.

CNN will replay 9/11 videos on the anniversary
This may be a chance to get some videos that have been hidden for years, so you might want to record it.

US Congress forms Israel Allies Caucus
From Rep. Weldon: "US Congress stands firm in its commitment to Israel's protection". It is "modeled after the Israeli Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus". How many Zionist organizations are operating in the USA? The Zionist infestation is big, and growing. Help us destroy this cancer!

Germany to provide 2 more submarines to Israel
The Germans will finance 1/3 of the cost. Were Germans this submissive hundreds of years ago?

Have you seen "Juba the sniper" videos yet?
Watch American soldiers get shot at by .. Arabs? Here and here are examples. Do you really think Arabs have video cameras on their rifles?

Israeli blockade of Lebanon may go on for months
The bombing has stopped, so now they will hurt them in other ways.

Bush administration agrees to extend Israel's $9 billion loan
Business as usual. Or "abuse" as usual, depending on your viewpoint.

British passengers demand Asian men removed from plane
If you thought nobody fell for that silly liquid bomb plot, think again. A few more of those false flags and Arabs will have not be allowed anywhere near airports.

Lebanon 'smashes Israel spy ring'
Are you surprised that the ACLU is only concerned about the NSA spying?

Harring Report: actual US deaths in Iraq may be 12,000
Officially there have been only 2,600 deaths, but 134 media personell have been killed. Are the honest journalists killed to prevent Americans from realizing that we are suckers who were fooled into destroying Iraq?

American school textbooks may soon have ads
We can afford to subsidize Israel and bomb Iraq, and we can provide enormous profits to Hollywood, casinos, sports, and pornography. But school books, trains, and other items are too expensive! Can we put an ad for The French Connection in the textbooks?

Bush 'helped Israeli attack on Lebanon'
This comes from "investigative journalist" Seymour Hersh, and "news" agencies around the world are reporting this! Did you know that Scott Ritter sometimes works with Hersh to deceive us? Have you seen what we say about Ritter?

NASA engineers visit museums to figure out how to get to the moon
The engineers are examining the Apollo craft to figure out how it was done in 1969. "They were particularly surprised to see the tight squeeze inside the lunar lander" No bathrooms, either, and Apollo 17 was 12 days long!

Half of USA still believes Iraq had WMD
This is proof that at least half of our nation cannot face reality. They want to believe the war is justified, and they don't care what the evidence shows. We have to fight both Zionists and our own mentally ill relatives!

A summary of Jeffrey Epstein
There is not much news about this man. A Jossip article speculates that his former partner Mort Zuckerman is censoring the news.

List of terrorist acts...
by Zionists in the years prior to 1948. After 1948 the Zionists became "freedom fighters" and "settlers". The winners write the news and the history, so if the goyim don't like it, then we should stop being losers!

An Israeli machine to detect "hostile intent" going into airports
Why not put these devices into train stations, schools, Congress?

Israeli 9/11 crook flees with $57 million
Kobi Alexander, as with hundreds of other Israelis, was allowed to leave the USA

The Currencies of the Anti-Idiots
If you follow financial opinions, here is the latest from the "Mogambo Guru"

CNN transcript of accusation that Israel helped Hezbollah
Hezbollah must continue to exist in order to justify the destruction of Lebanon. Here is the Israeli version. Likewise, anti-Semites must exist in order to justify hate crimes, bring pity to Jews, and unify Jews.

John McCain helps debunk 9/11
This war "hero" is helping Popular Mechanics! Here it is, and here is a news article about it. Did you know that Michael Chertoff's relative Benjamin Chertoff debunked 9/11 in their March 2005 issue? Please, help us educate people about McCain so he doesn't get elected president. One page is here.

Rachel Marom, 76, runs soup kitchen in Israel
"When I was a little girl in Auschwitz, I experienced what it is to be hungry". Lucky for her and other survivors that hunger was all they suffered at the death camp.

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Thriving
They cannot stop people from learning that 9/11 is a scam, so they are promoting the Scholars For 9/11 Truth so that they can provide their Zionist Denial view of 9/11

Open Letter to Prof. Steven Jones
The producer of the 911eyewitness video promotes the fusion bomb theory of the "Finnish military expert". Can you see the deception? For more info, use our search function for 911eyewitness, fusion, and/or deception.

Olmert to Europe: Kiss my Khazarian butt
He pointed out that Europe slaughtered people in Kosovo, so Europe should not complain when Israelis kill Arabs. What if Iran or Russia decides to kill Israelis? Should Kosovo be used to pressure the Europeans into remaining quiet about that slaughter, also? Besides, why did Europeans kill people in Kosovo?

NASA finally gives up the claim of life on Mars
Remember when a rock was found in Antarctica and NASA claimed it was from Mars, and that it showed signs of life? Are NASA scientists really that stupid? Maybe, but they may have been preparing us for the idea that aliens exist on other planets. If they could create a realistic alien spacecraft, then with Hollywood's assistance the wise aliens could land on the earth, tell us to put away our weapons, and follow their orders. The "aliens" could conquer the world without a fight. Has money from NASA or the Star Wars program been secretly used to develop alien spacecraft? Would that explain the sightings of strange aircraft around some military bases?

Mel Gibson's bodyguard is Israeli
And possibly former Mossad. Could Gibson have been set up by Israelis to teach the goyim a lesson? Remember when  New Jersey Gov. McGreevey hired an Israeli for homeland security? How many times must a goy be screwed before he can see the deception?

USA to give F22 stealth bomber to Israel?
After that deal is approved, the American military personnel will be issued dog collars to make it easier for their masters to control them.

Captain of USS Liberty listed on page for Vietnam war 
Scroll down to "McGonagle, William" to read that his ship was attacked, but by who? Listen to our interview with Jim Ennes if you don't know. Will our military ever find the courage to be honest about the USS Liberty?

Important: Poll: 16% of Americans believe WTC demolished with explosives
The reason Vanity Fair, Alex Jones, and other "truth seekers" are pushing so hard to blame Bush and mysterious "Globalists" is to shift the blame for 9/11 away from Zionists. Please help us educate people about Zionism! Send your friends the reasons why we blame Zionists for 9/11.

Another deceptive 9/11 movie
You might recognize the names Paul Thompson and Kyle Hence. The message from Thompson is that Pakistan was involved in 9/11. Everybody who helped with this movie should be investigated. We have several articles that briefly mention Thompson and why we should follow a rat to their nest, such as DeceptionDollar, Guillotine, NailTheCoffinShut

An Eye for an Eye: The Semantics of War
Reuven Schossen, an Israeli political refugee in the USA, gives his view of the Lebanon bombing.

Ben Stein: Jews run Hollywood, and so what?
If you have never seen this article, it might help you understand Hollywood.

Torah Jew: Lebanon bombing shows Israeli leaders are Anti-Jewish
A Jew explains that the bombing of Lebanon is more evidence that leaders of Israel are not following the Torah. Rather, they are interested in "oppression, bullying, provocation, and 'World Domination'." Jews can figure this out, but most the goyim are still clueless.

Professor Hirsch: USA may bomb Iran, and Jews will be blamed
Another attempt to fool us into believing the USA is evil and is setting up the innocent Jews to take the blame for our wars. All of the people and web sites that promote this deception should be considered suspects in the Zionist crime network.

Bush exposed as reason for the Lebanon bombing
Thanks to the investigative work of Paul Craig Roberts, we now that Bush is to blame! If any of you trust Paul Roberts, please look through our articles and interviews. The Zionists are releasing a tsunami of disinformation to deflect attention away from themselves and onto Bush. They want to fool you into thinking that voting for Clinton or Kerry will solve the problem.

John Kerry insists Democrats are good friends of Israel
This is a good example of how officials in both political parties are Zionists or their Useful Idiots. Please don't fall for the deception that replacing Bush with a democrat will solve our problems!

Israel celebrates bombing of King David hotel in 1946
Americans celebrate the revolution of 1776; why shouldn't Israel celebrate the King David bombing, WW1, WW2, the USS Liberty, 9/11, and all other acts that helped to establish Israel? The winners write the history. If you don't like it, don't be a loser.

Americans With No Abilities Act
If you are becoming frustrated as you watch the Zionists set up a war with Iran, this might give you something to laugh at. Our songs can also cheer you up!

"Americans, who have shown that they can be endlessly fooled"
Another test for you; can you see the deception? Paul Craig Roberts is fooling many Americans into thinking the "Neocons" are responsible for the world's problems, and that voting for a "democrat" will solve the problem.

Tarpley: Beware of Israeli false flag war provocations planned with connivance of Cheney
Please learn to find the deception in this. These "truth seekers" are trying to fool us into believing Cheney and Bush are responsble for Israel's war and any upcoming wars. If people fall for this trick, they will assume the problem will be solved simply by replacing Bush.

Timeline of Zionist Terror, 1944 to 1948
Have you heard of the Irgun or Stern gangs? They helped to establish Israel. At the time there were called "terrorists". After Israel was established, the Arabs became terrorists. The winners write the news and history books. Who will write about American history 100 years from now?

"Zionists in Israel and the Bush administration are leading us into war"
Please take a close look at the people and sites that post this type of article. Can you see the deception? The Zionists are not "in the Bush administration". They are in our media, our banking system, the Clinton administration, our school system, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. The "liberals" are fooling millions of Americans into thinking that all we have to do is replace Bush and the problem is solved. Look at this poll.  Paul Craig Roberts is a liar, and so are all the people who promote him. Try to understand that these "liberals" are part of the criminal Zionist network. Have you listened to us discuss the Zionist Cancer

Mexicans are bribing American border guards
We are supposed to believe that Mexicans are forcing us to give them jobs. Should we also blame Mexicans for making us take their bribes? When do we face the fact that Americans are responsible for America? If we don't get better leadership, the USA is doomed.

Quotes from Israeli leaders
We might call them "Oldies but goodies"

"The Jews will not go quietly again" by Joe McCain
This article by John McCain's brother is getting attention again. It may help you understand the McCain's support of Israel. Did you listen to our interviews with  Ennes about the attack on the USS Liberty? 
Hey, McCain, some of us goyim will not go quietly, again, either.

Vanity Fair magazine exposes 9/11
This is a magazine of Sam Newhouse. Why would they expose 9/11 now? Why did they select Dylan Avery to expose it? Why is Rense running this article? Can you figure it out? We need people who can see through this deception. If you don't know about Rense and Newhouse, we have articles that provide some information, such as this. And Hufschmid has some information on Avery.

Is the fence along the Arizona border another scam?
It is idiotic to think that a fence will stop poor people from taking jobs in the USA, but lots of Americans donated money to build a fence, such as this sucker. Now there are reports that the fence is another scam. Here is another report.

Another web site helps us expose the Zionist Deniers
Opposing Digits has some interesting comments on Alex Jones. Join us in exposing all of these criminals!

US Navy says al Qaeda poses major threat from sea
Yes, indeed, the US Navy is worried about al Qaeda's fleet of.. uh... rubber rafts? If you think the US Navy can be believed, please listen to Kay Griggs describe how the military selects their leaders. Excerpts of Griggs are at www.HugeQuestions.com

An amazing attempt to support the 9/11 lie
What might be happen if we spent this much  time and money on useful activities?

Greg Szymanski identifies another criminal nest
Did you see our advice to follow a rat to their nest? Szymanski just promoted Chick Publications, Inc. This group blames the Vatican for WW2. Take a look here. Either Jack Chick is a Useful Idiot, or he is a member of the Zionist Criminal Network. Continue to watch Szymanski, Alex Jones, etc, because they will lead us to other criminals.

Missouri signs Holocaust Education Bill
The ADL also has a new and improved program to teach the teachers. If it makes you feel any better, Americans are not the only suckers to use their tax money to fund this "education". For example, Holocaust education will be required in Argentina, and Poland reassured the Jews that they will continue this education. All of us Goyim are equally foolish.

Israeli billionaire buying Univision Communications
William Rogriguez, the last man out of the North Tower alive, boasted that the Spanish television stations would let him talk about 9/11, but will the new owners continue this policy? Rodriguez's health has been seriously damaged by these people. When will he get a clue that Zionists are taking over the media, governments, schools, and military?

More than 50% of homeland security money goes to Jewish groups
The USA already gives billions each year to Israel, and our military fights their wars. Why not declare ourselves the "United States of Israel"? Or the "North American Goyim Camp"?

Israeli "Communications Priorities"; ie, how to deceive Americans
This page has the instructions as a PDF and DOC also. An example of their suggestions: "It is essential that your communication be laced with rhetorical questions, which is how Jews talk anyway."

Israelis hold keys to NSA and U.S. Government computers
President Bush even went so far as to appoint Amit Yoran, an Israeli, to "Cyber Czar". Most Americans regard Israel as our best friend, so they don't worry about such issues. But if Israel is trying to conquer the goyim nations, they may use their influence over our computer security to stage terrorist attacks, steal our databases, and propagate computer viruses. Would you allow Israel to have such influence if you were president?

Menachem Begin involved in plot to kill German Chancellor
Will the Germans react to this by passing a law against "Menachem Begin Denial" in order to stop "hatred"?

US has an "anti-Semitism special envoy"
The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 created this position. When do we get an anti-Goyism Special Envoy? Who is in control of the USA?

Leo Miller gives $5 million to support Holocaust studies at University of Vermont
Why do we allow wealthy people to influence our schools? We do not have an educational system. Rather, we have a group of whores who do whatever brings them money.

High School students win awards from Holocaust Center
What would you think if students were rewarded for supporting the theory that 19 Arabs are solely responsible for 9/11?

Easton, MA, is proud that their city is re-certified as "No Place for Hate®"
What will the ADL do next to take advantage of the Gullible Goyim? Will they certify political candidates? Businesses? How about citizens? What would you think if your friend boasted that the ADL certified him as "99% Hate Free"? How idiotic do goyim have to behave before we realize that our primary enemy is the stupid goyim who allow this corruption? Here is the ADL's description of the program; would you fall for their deception?


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The views expressed by the guests do not necessarily reflect those of The French Connection. However, we want our guests to follow high standards so that the criminals we are trying to expose do not have any reason to condemn us. Please read this article for more details.

Our audio files are not copyrighted, so please pass them around.

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Monday, July 31
Eric Hufschmid, on how we should be discussing important issues, such as removing this Zionist cancer and making our world better. Click here
Friday, July 28
Christopher Jon Bjerknes, on how Zionists may be fooling Turkey,  Click here
Thursday, July 27
Israel Shamir, a Russian/ Israeli writer gives a brief interview. Click here
Wednesday, July 26
David Pidcock, on some of the biblical passages that relate to Zionism,  Click here
Tuesday, July 25
Christopher Jon Bjerknes, on how Zionists create anti-Semitism, and other deceptive tricks,  Click here
Monday, July 24
Smith, on how we can and must stop Israel and Zionism. Click here
Saturday, July 22
Christopher Jon Bjerknes, the bombing we see in Lebanon is just another attempt to take over the goyim. Will we ever stop this nonsense? Click here
Friday, July 21
Lorraine Day, on health, Zionism, and deception. Click here
Wednesday, July 19
Eustace Mullins, a valuable summary of how the Rothschilds and other Zionists financed the Nazis, the Rockfellers, etc. Click here
Tuesday, July 18
Christopher Jon Bjerknes, continues his previous discussion about their plan for world conquest. Click here
Sunday, July 16
Christopher Jon Bjerknes, on the Zionists' insane attempts to fulfill their religious hallucinations. Click here
Saturday, July 15
Smith, on zionism and Stadmiller's attempt to make Hufschmid look bad. Click here
Wednesday, July 12
Smith and Hufschmid ask you to help stop the Zionist Cancer on the human race. Click here
Tuesday, July 11
Bill Murphy on the attempts to manipulate the price of gold. Click here
Friday, July 7
Ted Pike on the attempt to control the Internet, and on how the Christian and Jewish Zionists are destroying our world. Click here
Tuesday, June 27
David Pidcock on the 1919 holocaust that failed, Iran, and the  fanatics that are behind Zionism. Click here
Monday, June 26
Smith, on the exposure of the Jones Terrorist Cell. Click here
Wednesday, June 21
Smith, on how the criminals are panicking. Click here
Tuesday, June 20
Texe Marrs, another great discussion on Zionism. Click here
Monday, June 19
Giovanni, who worked with Conspiracy Central, has questions for Smith and Hufschmid. Click here
Thursday, June 15
Reuven Schossen, a former Israeli Army Captain, exposes corruption that he saw, and now seeks asylum in the USA. Click here
Tuesday, June 13
Ted Pike, on how the Da Vinci Code movie is another example of Zionist deception. Click here
Monday, June 12
Smith, on what we are doing and hope to do. Click here
Wednesday, June 7
Smith, on Conspiracy Central, Meria Heller, White Supremacits, etc. Click here
Monday, June 5
Eric Hufschmid, on our article that criticizes the White Supremacists. Click here
Thursday, June 1, two shows
Smith, on the article by Dudley Baker of the upcoming economic problems. Click here

Kevin Zeese, on how Zionists are trying to stop him from getting elected, and how our support of Israel is absurd. Click here

Wednesday, May 31
Smith, our guest for today could not make it, so here is a brief message from Smith. Click here for the audio file, 2.3 mb
Tuesday, May 30
Smith, on why he has been banned from Conspiracy Central. Click here
Monday, May 29
Smith, a brief message about the Zionist Denial conferences, such as this one. Click here for the audio file, 2.4 mb
Thursday, May 25
Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, on how the truth about 9/11 is spreading in the UK, and how the attempts by the criminals to get control is going to fail. Click here
Wednesday, May 24
Smith and Hufschmid, with an important message on attacking the criminals now that they are showing signs of weakness. Click here
Monday, May 22
Eric Hufschmid, on moving beyond the details of 9/11. Click here
Thursday, May 18
Christopher Bollyn, on how the Zionists are controlling the 9/11 message. Click here
Wednesday, May 17
Smith, a brief message on upcoming interview with Bollyn. Click here for the audio file.
Saturday, May 13
Smith, an apology for the Alex Baron interview on Friday. Click here
Thursday, May 11
Christopher Bollyn, on the news reports of Flight 93 landing in Cleveland, and how Zionists are masterminds of 9/11
Click here
Tuesday, May 9
Rabbi Weiss, on why Jews should fight Zionism. Click here
Monday, May 8
Smith, a  message on Zionist Deniers and other current events. Click here
Thursday, May 4
Smith, a  message on what we have done, and what we need to do. Click here
Tuesday, May 2
Eric Hufschmid, on raising standards for leadership in the 9/11 movement. Click here
Sunday, Apr 30
Special Sunday message; Smith's take on the "Black Pope" nonsense. Click here
Friday, Apr 28
Dr. Lorraine Day on Len Horowitz, AIDS, and the Zionist problem. Click here
Thursday, Apr 27
Texe Marrs, a great discussion on Zionism. Click here
Wednesday, Apr 26
Smith, a brief message on the Sheen fiasco and other news. Click here
Tuesday, Apr 25
Ted Pike, on the attempt once again to get the Senate to pass "hate crimes" laws. Click here
Friday, Apr 21
British Colonel Barry Turner, on the farce of the political parties, the Jewish Nazis, and the control of the media. Click here
Thursday, Apr 20
Neil Turner, another great interview on subjects that the other Truth Seekers avoid. Click here
Wednesday, Apr 19
Chuck Butler, on the price of gold and the economy, and Smith comments on the pressure we are putting on "Truth Seekers". Click here
Tuesday, Apr 18
Smith, on how we are having an effect, and how we can do more. Click here
Friday, Apr 14
Eric Hufschmid, on how we can make this world better if we can see through the deception and stop being fearful. Click here
Wednesday, Apr 12
Joan Veon, on how she finally arrives at the truth about the world after more than 20 years of research. Click here
Tuesday, Apr 11
Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, on the manipulation of Palestinians and the farce of creating democracies in other nations. Click here
Monday, Apr 10
Smith, on why we believe Zionists are involved in 9-11. Click here
Friday, Apr 7
Jenifer Dixon, on her visit to Israel and her shocking discovery that her expectations were very wrong. Click here
Thursday, Apr 6
Smith, on some current events. Click here
Wednesday, Apr 5
John DeCamp, on his discovery that the stories of rape, kidnapping, and murder at Boystown are real. Click here
Monday, Apr 3
Smith, on the Fatwa against John Hagee, and other interesting issues. Click here
Friday, Mar 31
Charlotte Iserbyt, on the sabotage of our education system, and who is behind it. Click here
Thursday, Mar 30
Sabah al-Mukhtar, on how the fear of criticizing Israeli policies is disappearing. Click here
Wednesday, Mar 29
Smith, a talk for people new to this site. Click here
Monday, Mar 27
Eric Hufschmid
Click here
Thursday, Mar 24
Vladimir Krsljanin
Click here
Thursday, Mar 23
Click here
Wednesday, Mar 22
Ted Pike, on the fascinating issue of Khazaria. Click here
Tuesday, Mar 21
Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, on religion, David Irving, the lack of communication between generations. Click here
Monday, Mar 20
Professor Dan McGowan, on his visit to and investigation of Israel.
Click here
Friday, Mar 17
British Colonel Barry Turner, ret.
Click here
Wednesday, Mar 15
Geri Guidetti, on growing your own garden (this gives you a break from our usual political shows). Click here
Tuesday, Mar 14
Click here
Monday, Mar 13
Israel Shamir, a Russian Israeli writer. Click here
Friday, Mar 10
Click here
Thursday, Mar 9
Muhammad Rafeeq, you should enjoy this one! Some new information on the use of terrorism to manipulate. Click here
Wednesday, Mar 8
Click here
Tuesday, Mar 7
Eric Hufschmid
Click here
Monday, Mar 6
James Dickie on the of history of South Africa, and its connections to Britain and Zionism. Click here
Friday, Mar 3
Dr. Lorraine Day on health issues, the bird flu, Zionists, and Ernst Zundel. Click here
Thursday, Mar 2
James Dickie on use of terrorism by Zionists. Click here
Wednesday, Mar 1
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Smith's 19 minute message for today
Tuesday, Feb 28
Ted Pike on how the Scofield Bible, published in 1909, was created to give a Zionist bias. Christians have been duped. Click here
Friday, Feb 24
David Pidcock on how the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and other attacks were created just like the 9-11 attack. Click here
Thursday, Feb 23
Robert Owen, about his investigation of the Bank of England and how the bank has been quietly taken over. Click here
Wednesday, Feb 22
British Colonel Barry Turner, ret.
Click here
Tueday, Feb 21
Eric Hufschmid and Morgan Reynolds
Click here
Monday, Feb 20
Click your right mouse button and select download
Smith's 14 minute message for today
Friday, Feb 17
Lady Michele Renouf, on the absurdity and danger of Europe's trials of people who question the official Holocaust story. Click here
Thursday, Feb 16
David Pidcock on the financial conspiracy of the Jewish Mafia. Click here
Tuesday, Feb 14
Muhammad Rafeeq and Eric Hufschmid, on the "visitor" Smith had this morning. Click here
Monday, Feb 13
Ted Pike, on the religious issues related to the Zionists, Khazars, and Crypto Jews. Click here
Friday, Feb 10
Smith, reviews the issues of Crypto Jews discussed with Muhammad Rafeeq, and Eric Hufschmid adds his comments. Click here
Thursday, Feb 9
Muhammad Rafeeq, more on Ashkenazi Zionism and Crypto Jews. Part 2 of the 2-part series. Click here
Wednesday, Feb 8
Muhammad Rafeeq, the roots of the Ashkenazi Zionism. First installment of a 2-part series. Click here
Tuesday, Feb 7
Eustace Mullins
Click here
Monday, Feb 6
Eric Hufschmid, this is Smith's first broadcast on his own.
Click here
Thursday, Feb 2
Eric Hufschmid, with Chris Bjerknes in the 2nd hour. Click here
Wednesday, Feb 1
Ted Pike
Click here
Tuesday, Jan 31
Ray McGovern
Click here
Monday, Jan 30
Eric Hufschmid
Click here
Friday, Jan 27
There is a slight gap in the audio
Chris Bjerknes, on some very interesting historical facts about the Rothschilds and Zionism. Click here
Thursday, Jan 19
Dennis Halliday, and phone calls
Click here
Wednesday, Jan 18
Ted Pike, on the criminals among the American and Jewish leadership. Click here
Tuesday, Jan 17
Jimmy Rothstein, in 2nd hour
Hour_1, phone calls


Monday, Jan 16
These audio files were recorded from the free-to-air live stream.
Several minutes are missing when Hufschmid comes on in the first hour.
Eric Hufschmid, and some phone calls in the 2nd hour


Friday, Jan 13
These audio files were recorded from the free-to-air live stream.
(A few minutes are missing.)
Phone calls


Thursday, Jan 12
Geri Guidetti, on bird flu and health issues.
Click here for Smith's commentary,
and here for Guidetti
Tuesday, Jan 3
Eric Hufschmid, on the deception on message boards, the deception with the NSA spying, and Indira Singh.
Dec 23, 2005
Ted Pike,on the ADL. The second hour gets into the mental incompetence of the Americans


Dec 22, 2005
Wayne Kyle, about the attack on the USS Liberty. Click here
Nov 8, 2005
Keidi Awadu, on how Rev. Jesse Jackson and others helped to kill Martin Luther King. Click here

Recomended web sites

Hufschmid's videos and articles will change your view of the world.


The USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in 1967. Israel says it was an accident. Our interview with the author is here.


Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, a professor at the University of Ottawa.


Texe Marrs has books, audio tapes, and articles on Zionism and our pathetic, corrupt nation. For example, here is an article about President Bush.

Ted Pike's books and videos

Ted Pike has videos and books on Zionism and the Middle East. Samples of videos are at his site.


Some of Smiths guests:

Some of Smiths guests:

Some of Smiths guests:
Felicity Arbuthonot Internationally respected journalist, 15 visits to Iraq
Randy Atkins Investigative videographer
Dr. Sahib Mustaqim Bleher Islamic Party of Britain 
Michel Chossudovsky Econonics Professor, GlobalResearch.ca
John DeCamp Former Senator who wrote The Franklin Coverup
Kee Dewdney Mathematician, computer scientist
Stan Deyo Earthquake researcher
Siebel Edmonds
Ex-FBI translator. Now a whistleblower?
? Big questions here
James Ennes Officer, USS Liberty
Geri Guidetti microbiologist, farming, bird flu
Dennis Halliday Secretary General UN Mission in Iraq, 1991 - 1998
Eric Hufschmid Author of book and video that exposes 9-11
Noreen Gosch Mother of son kidnapped for sex slave
Kay Griggs Wife of Marine Corp Col., exposing blackmail in military
John Kaminski New questions about this man
Helje Kaskel Wife of victim of Estonia sinking who is exposing it as government operation
Imad Khadduri Iraqi nuclear scientist, Saddam's bomb builder
Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col, ret. Pentagon policy division, Near East desk
Charles Key Oklahoma State Senator, OKC truth seeker
Reg Keyes Ran against in Tony Blair for seat in parliment
Leland Lehrman Jewish radio host driven off air by Zionists
Wayne Madsen
? Big questions here
Henry Makow
? blames "Globalists"
Professor Dan McGowan Also has www.righteousjews.org/
Dave McMichael ex-CIA and Standford Research Institute
Ray McGovern 27 years CIA, security briefed Presidents
Sabah al-Mukhtar Arab Lawyers Association (Britain)
Eustace Mullins A true icon in the battel against Zionism
Ralph Nader Just Ralph
Henry Niman
? Scientist following the bird flu ?
Benton Partin USAF General, ret., exposed OKC bombing, but of no value with 9-11
David Pidcock Economics expert
Michael Collins Piper
? Investigative reporter ? 
Rev. Ted Pike Free speech advocate
Muhammad Rafeeq Researcher of Zionism
Morgan Reynolds Professor; chief economist for Department of Labor
Doug Rokke Director of the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
Scott Ritter Former UN weapons inspector, suspected pedophile (Scott, show us the the messages you sent to the 14 year-old)
Mike Rivero
? What really happened to Rivero ?
William Rodriguez Last person out of the WTC tower
Jimmy Rothstein NYPD detective
Jim Shepard Owner, New Millennium Concepts
David Shayler Former MI5 officer
Count Hans von Sponeck Secretary General UN Mission in Iraq, 1999 - 2002
Dr. Ernest Sternglas Physcist, father of the anti-nuclear movement
Colonel Barry Turner A British Colonel, retired
Rabbi Dovid Weiss Neturei Karta, Rabbis fighting Zionism
Kevin Zeese Democracy Rising