Daryl Bradford Smith
The French connection firmly believes that the Bollyn family has met with foul play. The correspondences in his name should be treated as deception, in our view.
A few weeks after the Bollyn family disappeared in June, we received some e-mails from mysterious people telling us that they are safe, and we should not worry. Later he posted messages at his website, www.bollyn.com

The recurring theme from the messages and articles:

1) Dr. Linda L. Shelton is honest and trustworthy, and so are her friends. Don't suspect of any of them of being Zionist agents.

2) The entire Bollyn family has voluntarily chosen to disappear from public view, and without any sensible explanation. Don't worry about them; don't think about them; don't ask where they are; don't ask if they are safe.

After spending years struggling to expose corruption and Zionism, why would the Bollyns choose to vanish when we are closer than ever to defeating Zionism?

The answer should be obvious. The Bollyns have been captured. The Zionists are getting desperate to silence their critics. Have you looked over Bollyn's articles:

If the Zionists can convince us to stop worrying about the Bollyns and focus on something else, such as the phony Ed Brown and his fight to avoid income taxes, then after a few months they will be able to safely dispose of the entire Bollyn family, and nobody will notice that they are gone. Then they can go after someone else they dislike, and then someone else, and eventually all of their critics will be eliminated.

There is a lesson to learn from this: almost every "truth seeker" is a Zionist agent. Have you noticed that virtually all of the "truth seekers" are ignoring the Bollyns, or pretending that they are fine?

Before the Internet came along, people used to die mysteriously in car accidents, suicides, and other accidents. The Internet is making it extremely difficult for the Zionists to murder their critics. Today we can analyze news reports and photographs, and we can discuss our theories with people around the world. We must take advantage of our situation. Please help us spread information everywhere. Together we can oppose them; by ourselves we become victims.

wakeupfromyourslumber is the new "liberty forum"

Daryl Smith is 100% convinced that wakeupfromyourslumber is engaged in an attempt to wrestle away the subject of Zionism from true reasearchers as a means of destroying the resistance movement we have developed over the years. They always provide slander and insults, and never discuss our evidence.

wakeupfromyourslumber does not have any value. Don't waste your time with it; instead, spread information to people who seem more honest.

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Have you noticed that Ed Brown gets widespread coverage by the RBN and GCN radio networks, and mainstream television shows? And he promotes Aaron Russo, and he blames freemasons for corruption. Here is one television interview:

If they can trick you into following their Zionist agents, they will lead you to the slaughter.

Don't be a sucker! Don't be fooled into following Democrat Zionists, income tax Zionists, Liberal Zionists, patriot Zionists, or anti-Bush Zionists.

Almost all of the websites that claim to be exposing corruption are actually protecting the Zionists, such as:

All you have to do to identify suspicious people is to identify one of them, and then follow their links and friends. Some of their friends may turn out to be naive fools, but you should assume all of them are Zionist agents until proven innocent.

For example, Marsha McClelland of wethepeopleunited.com is the webmaster for Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley of the Power Hour radio show.  Dave and Joyce are anti-Goy, Zionist Deniers, so you should assume Marsha McClelland is also. The same goes for William Lewis, who makes videos with Dave and Joyce.

Smith wants to see proof that the Bollyn family is safe. We are not going to accept reassurances.

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