Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Ted Pike

Is the Talmud influencing America?

As with the Bible, different people interpret the Talmud in differently.

For example, this passage, Ketuvot 11b, has been interpreted by some people to mean that adults can have sex with children:

If the Talmudic Jews in control of our military, schools, government, and media interpret the Talmud to mean that sex with children is acceptable, or that Goyim are animals who need to be conquered or exterminated, then they may promote these attitudes in movies, government policies, and school courses.
Ted Pike, Oct 3, 2006   7.2 mb

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Ted Pike is still, as of August 2007, working with the American Free Press, as this image shows. We now know the American Free Press cannot be trusted, as explained in many of our articles, and at Hufschmid's site here


Some of the issues mentioned:

Did you know that some schools are teaching children about fisting and other activities? Is this your idea of an "educational system"?

Barney Frank, a congressman from Massachusetts, allowed a young male prostitute to live in his house and operate a prostitution service.

Gobie, the prostitute, said he also had a relationship with the principal of Chevy Chase Elementary School:

Is this really the best congressman the Massachusetts voters can find?

Did you know there is an organization named NAMBLA to promote relationships and sex between adult men and young boys?
Ted Pike has some interesting comments on Judaism and homosexuality:

And on the Talmud and Zohar:

Arthur Koestler's book The Thirteenth Tribe, explains that most Jews are not really decendents of the original Jews, so their claim to Palestine is absurd: