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Articles from other sites

The Deguello Report
Accusations from 1976 that the "Patriot" movement is infiltrated by Jews and homosexuals. How many more decades do these people have to be exposed? What is wrong with Americans?
Click here!

Willis Carto

The Russian Mafia
Have you seen the evidence that the Ashkenazis — not the Russian Goyim — are behind the Russian Mafia?

Click here for the report (a PDF file)

The page with the link is:

Women of the Mossad
Does the Mossad have a large team of women to lure men into blackmail traps?
Click here (new link)

Who controls the Ukraine?
Vladimir Borisov writes that "a tribe of vultures descended upon the body of the nation"
Click here

Jewish Ritual Murder
This site has a translation of a book published in 1941 in Germany. It's difficult to believe, but watch this video of a woman on the Oprah show to put you in the mood (a copy of that video is here)
Click here!

"Naked Short Selling"
Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, claims there is corruption in the stock market, and Enron, beyond anything you imagined.

On 13 March 2007 Bloomberg News provided this video on this crime. Yet another new link. A 2nd copy is here, just in case

Here is an 8 mb audio file of an interview with him.

Byrne has a narrated slide show on this complex crime. An introduction to naked short selling is here, and more files here.

Crypto-Jews in Armenia
Look for the interview about the Crypto-Jews who caused the genocide of Armenians but fooled the world into blaming Turks: Click here

Warning: Bjerknes provides some good information about Crypto-Jews in Armenia, but he appears be a Crypto-Zionist, as we explain here. The Crypto-Jews and Crypto-Zionists are still operating, as we explained here. 

The Transfer Agreement
New: here is a page from Klaus Polkehn's book about this deception.

This book gives a Zionist bias to an arrangement in 1933 between Zionists and the Nazis to transfer 50,000 Jews and $200 million to Palestine in exchange for stopping the worldwide Jewish-led boycott of Germany. The author tries to fool us into thinking that the Nazis were helping the Zionists. In reality, the Zionists were setting up, blackmailing, and manipulating Germany. Click here.

Notice the title of this page is "Nazi Support of Zionism". In reality, the Zionists supported the Nazis, and they still do! Don't be fooled into thinking the Zionists are the victims. Zionists have been the only beneficiary of the wars and terrorism of the past century.

The boycott of Germany is mentioned on our page for Ben Freedman

The 2006 Human Trafficking Report
U.S. taxpayers finance human trafficking. This is a world-wide, profitable business. Furthermore, the customers of sex slaves can be blackmailed easily, so they make great Useful Idiots for the crime network. 

Schwartz; ice skater and slave dealer
Don't assume this is a "3rd world" problem. Former Austrian ice skating champion Wolfgang Schwartz was arrested for human trafficking (see the 2005 report).

The complete report for 2006 is here

Sex Trafficking Spreads to Iraq
Time Magazine exposes this trade in Iraq, which was virutally non-existant before the US attacked Iraq. But Time Magazine avoids the complete story, such as how Israel is a "human trafficking haven", and that it is increasing in Israel, despite reports from the USA in 2002 that Israel was eliminating this problem. Slaves are also a big business in other nations. This site has a tremendous amount of info on it.

The White Slave Trade
This issue affects you indirectly. Pedophiles and sex slave customers can be given jobs in government, the media, and the 9/11 movement. They can controlled with blackmail.

Have you listened to our interview with John DeCamp? Have you listened to Kay Griggs (at the bottom of our Einstein page)? Do you know about Scott Ritter?

Elizabeth Dilling exposes the Talmud
If you wonder why the Jews who follow the Talmud have such strange attitudes towards Goyim, sex, lies, and money, read this! Example:

"When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this — that is, less than three years old — it is as if one puts the finger into the eye — tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years."

Click here

Photographs of our beautiful world
When the corruption upsets you, pick a page of photos, such as this, to remind youself that our earth is a beautiful place, and with more people to help us, we can make the human world beautiful, also.
Photos by category here
Another site of photos here
Amazing photos of Scotland here

Jewish control of the British media
Have you seen the evidence that the Ashkenazis dominate the British media in addition to the US media?

Click here to understand why the serfs in the United Kingdom of Zion are as clueless as the Americans

Nancy Pelosi is a Zionist Puppet
"I've heard her say numerous times that the single greatest achievement of the 20th century" was the founding of the modern state of Israel...
Source (new link)
Her speech in 2005 to AIPAC is here. Also, see this judicial-inc article.
Americans have been duped again! 
To send her an E-mail message, just click sf.nancy@mail.house.gov
Harry Reid is a Zionist Puppet
Democrats selected him to be their leader in the Senate. The Israelis boast that his ties to Israel are nothing new

Long ago he was shown to be a customer of Abramoff, and now his home state makes remarks about his dishonesty.

 Photo from 2005 AIPAC
Americans continue to be fooled into allowing immoral Zionist puppets get control of the USA

Who encourages the use of children for sexual titillation?
With so many Zionists in our media, government, and schools, you ought to know that the Talmud permits sex with pre-teen children.

Do we really want children to titillate us?
Click here

Jon Benet Ramsey

Do Iraqi's have video cameras on their rifles?
Have you seen this yet?
Click here, and think about it!

Then contemplate why these mercenaries were arrested for firing on Marines, and then wonder if the slaughter of these female Marines was retailiation for standing up to Israel.

The Tavistock Institute
Mind control experiments for the Gullible Goyim?

When will we get rid of these destructive "think tanks"?
Click here

The Kosher Tax
Have you heard about the fees paid for the Kosher label on products?

Imagine if Catholics, pagans, Mormons, and homosexuals were also demanding to be paid for their special certifications. Will the goyim ever stand up to the abuse?

Click here for a video on this scam

Click here for one article on this scam, and here is another

There are even symbols to identify whether a cooking was initiated by a Jewish person. Take a look here

When will we get symbols on food products to let us know whether cooking was initiated by a fat person, a midget, or a cross-eyed transvestite? Incidentally, here is how you make kosher bread.

The London bombings on 7 July 2005
Do you really think Arabs did this?

It seems to be another Zionist "false flag"

Don't be shy... take a look!

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars
$10 billion per month, and rising!

This war is setting records for cost and insanity. You can see what your money does at this page. The Zionists are proud of their attack dogs.... are you?

More Iraq vets here, some with Bush.

"Get a clue!"
Female Iraq War Vets

Here is a report about the female soldiers maimed in the Iraq war. "You've come a long way, baby"

Why don't any of the veterans groups object to this? Have the veterans group's been infiltrated, also?

Click here and send this to the Veterans.

"Get a clue!"

Photos of Lebanon before bombing
An extensive set of high quality photos of the houses, land, and cities.

There are 28 pages (pages 29 to 40 don't seem to work).

Click here

The Columbine Massacre
The son of the lead FBI investigator assisted with a video about a massacre at the school 2 years before the actual massacre. Coincidence? Read this news article, then this analysis.

This page has the audio of the teacher on the phone during the shootings.

Some news reports are listed here.

Was FBI psychologist Fuselier involved in setting this up? Check this out

Statue of Winston Churchill in a Straitjacket
The creators of the statue say that “despite” his depression he was able to become Prime Minister, but perhaps it was because of his mental illness that he was selected to be Prime Minister. All goyim leaders seem to be mentally ill. Coincidence? Even the Mayo Clinic admits Churchill was mentally ill in this article

Depression is just a type of mental illness. When will we give ourselves healthy leaders?
Try a different view at Churchill:
  • www.australiafreepress.org/articles/churchillhitler/churchillhitler.htm
 • http://judicial-inc.biz/winston_churchill_biography.htm
And click here for a different view of other leaders

Uranium babies from Iraq War #1
Life Magazine's 1995 article shows that uranium was causing US soldiers to have retarded children from the 1991 bombing.
Click here for Life Magazine

How bad is the situation today now that we have had Iraq War #2?
Bollyn has this article and this

Are they losing control  of the Uranium issue?
For many years people have been complaining about the use of uranium weapons, such as this from 1999, or this from 2003. New reports, such as this, show it is even worse than previously thought.
More photos are here
However, don't be fooled when people who lie about 9-11 and Zionism come forward as uranium experts, as Karl Schwarz is doing here and here. They want to contain the information and remain in control, not expose the corruption and arrest their criminal network

Thomas Edison and the rise of Hollywood
Here is an alternative view of Edison and Hollywood, and here is an interesting view from Dr. Falk.
Did the Jews build Hollywood into a great enterprise? Or did they ruin television and Hollywood?

Boycott Israel... go to jail
We have the right to avoid products from whichever company and nation we please... except Israel.
Click here

Alabama arson still a mystery
Three young men were arrested for burning 9 Baptist churches. Why only Baptist churches? Why did many news reports quickly minimize the arson as a prank, such as this article in Time magazine, or this editorial with such remarks as: 

"At least one of them [the churches] was a century old." 

Would the media consider the burning of 9 synagogues as a "prank"? What if a synagogue was 100 years old?

Would Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) dismiss the burning of 9 synagogues? (Potok's remark is here. Similar behavior  here, and suspicions of the SPLC here. Is it a coincidence that the ADL condemned Baptists a few months earlier?

This blog has an audio clip you should listen to.

And click here for the judicial-inc view of this arson

Our tax dollars at work
Click here for the judicial-inc article

Will they do business the same way their fathers do?

David Brooks

US builds forts to stop Iran and Syria
US accuses Iran and Syria of sending fighters into Iraq, and Iran of smuggling bomb materials. Is this part of a setup to attack those nations?

Judicial-inc shows the IEDs come from Israel, and the Israeli advisors have access to our troops.

Israel has staged many attacks to create anger towards Arabs; this is nothing new.

Remember the 4 men who were killed and then hung from a bridge? Do you think the Arabs did that by themselves? Here is the Judicial-inc view.

Do you know what a Sayanim” is?

Click here for details!

"I will do anything to help Israel!"

Mossad complicit in 1995 OKC bombing?
If Larry Darby is elected for Attorney-General, he plans to investigate this possibilty. There is already overwhelming evidence that the OKC bombing was a government job, so elect Darby and let's check for a Zionist connection.

Here is a view on the SPLC, and click the links in it for lots more.

The 1995 bombing in OKC

The French Connection issues a Fatwa against John Hagee for the crime of treason against the United States
• Televangelist John Hagee plans a Christian pro-Israel lobby

• He advocates "support" of Israel. Does that mean we must support the wars? The Israeli policies? The money we give Israel? What does he want us to do with Palestians?

The Trinity Broadcasting Network should also be investigated. Just consider the extortion that we know about!

John Hagee

Who is this man working for?

Smith issues second Fatwa against Abe Foxman for treason against America
Should Americans consider placing this man on trial, and then employing the hangman's noose?
• Is Abe Foxman a Hate Criminal?
• Foxman: New Testament Is Anti-Semitic
• Foxman's Famous Flunkies
Leo Frank, 1915

Click for info about this lynching
Hey, Zionists: we are coming for you!

Dr. Lorraine Day abandons Jeff Rense
Click here to read her explanation!
And click here for her complaints about Judy Andreas

Help us drive Rense and other liars out of business! If you don't understand why we complain about Rense, Alex Jones, and other "Truth Seekers", please read some of our articles, such as Crypto Zionists, or Handlers

Dr. Lorraine Day

Only $1,250 for a fabulous, Zionist Evening Gown. Be the center of attention while you celebrate the destruction of Lebanon!
Other fabulous designs: Dresden Firebombing, Attack of the USS Liberty, and Demolition of the South Tower.