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Exposing corruption
can be amusing!
Do you get tired of having your own relatives accuse you of being unpatriotic, a conspiracy nut, a Bush Bashing Liberal Wacko, or an anti-Semite?

Well, The French Connection has what you need to keep you in good spirits as you expose the corruption!

We have comic books:

We have photos that prove that our relatives were indeed trained to mindlessly repeat phrases:


We have DVDs about the Rothschilds:
This DVD cover comes from this video:

We also have a timeline about the Rothschild empire:

We have Games!

Have you heard Michael Piper refer to Eric Hufschmid as fish bait? Perhaps his remark is meant to imply that Zionists toss troublesome Goy into the Chesapeake Bay.

If you don't know who Michael Piper is, here is an introduction:

Rather than be frightened by their subtle threats, play The Hufschmid Fish Bait Game:


The Republic Broadcasting Network, other alternative media companies, and most "truth seekers" are trying to fool us into having faith in their honesty and giving them money, but the evidence shows that they are liars and blackmail victims.

If you don't know much about this issue, here is an introduction:


Our neighbors and relatives who believe they are Christian Superheroes who protect Israel from the heathen Muslims are actually the greatest fools the world has ever seen.

If you feel yourself getting depressed as you think about your mindless relatives, pretend that you are from the distant future, and then the disgusting behavior of your relatives will be just another historical event, similar to the Roman circuses.

And that's not all!

Here is a radio show prank that you might find funny in which a college girl's parents are fooled to believe their daughter is dating an Italian:

We also have this page with music!