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25 camps for killing Armenians
Awareness of the Armenian Holocaust is growing. A third town severs ties with ADL over this issue. We made a special file to help spread this information
Rodriguez on C-Span
Other people who get C-Span publicity are David Ray Griffin and the Alex Jones 9/11 event in 2006. You have to sell out to get favorable publicity
 Israeli pornography with Nazi theme
The documentary is showing in Israel. Will we be able to see it, also? Have you seen this article about the US pornography industry?
 Japan's Yakuza target stock market to raise cash
They are learning to hide behind legitimate businesses. One of their daughter's talks about them. Did you see our evidence that  yakuza may be involved in 9/11?
 Majority of USA now question 9/11
This shows why the Zionists are panicking. Notice that the poll was funded by Zionists, and they are trying to direct people to their websites. You can now tell your friends and relatives that they are in the minority, and that it's time for them to grow up, but warn them about the deception
 "anti-Semitism is an old Armenian habit"
Armenians should go to Anti-Semites Anonymous to break this habit. An Israeli diplomat says the Armenians massacred thousands of Jews. The US Congress is pressured to acknowledge Armenian genocide, and pressure is building on the EU. Eventually the issue of Crypto Jews will be exposed. We made a special file to help spread this information. To counteract the increasing awareness of Zionism, the media is pumping out stories of Nazis, such as this about a man who was “very comfortable with” killing Germans, and this in which a Dachau camp inmate was sent to Britain to join the Army, and this in in which the Nazis are starting to appear in Austria
 Finkelstein agrees to resign 
His Jewish parents were in the Nazi prison camps, so he cannot be labeled an anti-semite. Some excerpts of his book are here, and judicial-inc's view here
 British children train to fight in Israel
There are links to videos of the camps at the bottom. More here
 Scientology faces criminal charges
But only in Belgium. When will the American police do their job and go after these criminal networks? Sheriff Baca (who released Paris Hilton from jail early) promotes this cult, and so does Tom Cruise. Is every sheriff and Hollywood star a Zionist puppet?
 "Redacted" tries to create anger towards US military
Produced by Mark Cuban, who was going to put Loose Change into theaters, as we described here. Can you see how they ignore Zionist atrocities and exaggerate those of the Goyim? People who support Mark Cuban's companies are funding propaganda
 Princess Diana conspiracies thriving
One of her photographers was recently found burned and shot in the head twice. More here
 ADL guilty of Genocide Denial
The Armenians are the only people with the courage to stand up to the ADL, but they don't understand the issue of Crypto Jews or why the ADL wants research of the Holocaust to be illegal. We need help spreading this information
 Racism in Israel
More here. Most people don't understand why this happens. Tell them about the ringworm case and Arthur Koestler
 Merkel given highest honor from the Council of Jews in Germany 
How much longer are we going to let the Zionists dominate our nations?Israel warned us
But we didn't listen to our good friends who told us to attack Iran, not Iraq!
 Judeo-Nazis plan protest
They are not neo-Nazis, they are Judeo-Nazis. They try to stir up racial fights and create pity for Israel. Here is their website and notice their worship of Hitler. Warn people about this trick; we have a page about it here
 Can a fireman be this stupid?
Or is he desperately trying to suppress the truth because he was involved with 9/11?
 NASA promotes Star Wars
Is NASA a group of scientists? Or a Hollywood entertainment show? Why are we wasting 16 Billion tax dollars every year on this group?
 Hezbollah to file lawsuits against Israel for Lebanon war
When will the Europeans, Russians, and Americans find the courage to file lawsuits against the Zionists and the Rothschilds?
 Iraqis claim Mossad seen in Iraq
This should not be a surprise; two years ago Bollyn wrote about British agents caught disguised as Arabs
 Pro-'surge' group is almost all Jewish
There's no bias; it's just a coincidence, or so they say
 France's Sarkozy suggests bombing Iran
Will the French people figure out that his primary interest is Israel, not France? Will the US or UK citizens figure out  that their governments also work for Israel?
 Taking names for "who to blame"
Smith is making a list, checking it twice, he's going to find out who's naughty or nice
 Turkey: 'Israel must get US Jews to back down'
The Holocaust wars escalate again.  Turkey is paying lobbyists to influence the US government. Whose Holocaust can we investigate? Whose can we deny? Pass around our interview on this issue
 Abe Foxman writes book
They are on the defensive now because many Goy are finally realizing that we have been fools to trust Zionists
 Germany's Council of Jews complain about YouTube
They don't want videos that promote hate and war, but they don't complain about this video of Joe Lieberman. Where is Germany's Council of Goyim to counteract this?
 Robert Fisk feels the pressure to be honest
Another sign that we are beating the Zionist crime network, and that people realize that the liberals are liars, also
 Peter Kawaja exposes Joyce Riley
The video quality is low, but with the disappearance of the Bollyn, it is important to understand their tricks. You can listen to Joyce Riley pretend to have a romantic interest in Peter Kawaja, who also seems to have disappeared. Riley is now married to Dave von Kleist
 Provocateurs continue to make news
People need to be aware of the issue of infiltration and false flag operations 
 California almonds to be pasteurized
Our government won't allow Stevia to be used as a sweetening agent, or hemp to be used as fiber, so why should we believe this is for our safety?
 Holocaust denier arrested in Spain
No, not an ADL agent who denied the Armenian Holocaust, but an Austrian man who denied THE Holocaust. To prevent British children from becoming Holocaust Deniers, teachers are getting Holocaust training in Israel. Which nation is more submissive to Israel; the UK or the US?
 The History Channel on 9/11
The video has been posted, if you want to watch their desperate attempt to cover up 9/11
 Banks borrow $2 billion for ...?
Who would borrow money that they don't need? What are they not telling us? When are we going to get fed up with this secretive banking system? Have you watched the Money Masters yet?
 Arab boy set on fire
Would the Arabs do this? The Israelis have a history of terrorizing Arabs. Have you heard about Dir Yassin?
 ADL gives up
They stop denying the Armenian Holocaust. Do you see that we can beat this Zionist crime network?
 An example of how to deal with provocateurs
Pull their masks off and get their photo. Random violence does not help us
 Lieberman promotes hatred of Syria
How obvious does it have to be? Our government and military work for Israel
 List of CFR names
Maybe one of you will find a use for this
 Israeli historians dispute Holocaust 'survivor' labels
The survivors demanding money are causing some Israelis to wonder, who is a survivor? More here
 59% of evangelicals believe Israel fulfills biblical prophecy
Lots of shocking claims and links
 Pelosi's father and Israel
This article could explain why Pelosi does not want to stop the war. Will the Democrats ever figure out that their party is controlled by Zionists? Judicial-inc has this on Pelosi
 Interpol chief in Israel suspected of fraud
Who would have guessed that we cannot trust Interpol either? Is there any honest law enforcement agency?
 More of Gaza without electricity
The EU and Israel  justify this on the grounds that Hamas is bad. A BBC report is here. How much longer will we allow the wars in the Mideast to dominate our lives? How much longer will we tolerate Zionism?
 The brutal Zionist role in the Holocaust
If we were to tell people that Zionist Jews were working with Nazis, we would be called "anti-Semites", so let people hear it from a Rabbi. That should make them more willing to listen to us
 A crime that is not tolerated
It is OK to blow up buildings in New York and trains in London,  but don't cheat Hollywood with your cell phone camera! Who is in control of our courts?
 Adelson lobbying for casino
What exactly is he doing when his "lobbying"? He is also giving 60 million to a "birthright program", and he started a free newspaper for Israel. Where are the wealthy Goyim who are willing to help our nations?
 Town stands up to the ADL
They are tired of the ADL's "Armenian Holocaust Denial". Councilor Devaney will try to get 50 other towns to do the same
 A con man is bothering Linda Shelton
Let's hope the con man doesn't investigate and bother Bollyn's other "friends", also. Where are the police when you need them?
 US gives Israel $30bn arms deal
The Zionist crime network ruined the 20th century; will we let them ruin the 21st century also? Have you seen the Iraq war costs of £2,000 a second?
 Why Ron Paul is dangerous
Notice 29 seconds into the video the message along the bottom that Alex Jones is appointed FCC commissioner. We don't need a different, dishonest Zionist president; we need the complete destruction of Zionism and the banking famlies
 U.K. police suspect murder
The article suggests that Egyptians killed him, but what about Israelis?
 Ron Paul in Iowa
How is this man going to save us? Here is an interview of him in 1988. He has been making vague promises for decades
 Billions of dollars used to help hedge fund
This is not to help us; rather, the secretive people in banking and investments are manipulating our economies to cheat us
 Armenians  protest ADL's "Genocide Denial"
Why is the ADL is trying to minimize the slaughter of Armenians 100 years ago? The Internet is allowing us to discuss a lot of previously suppressed issues, and it's becoming apparent that Crypto-Jews were involved in that slaughter, as we explained last year here
 Contributors to The Barnes Review
Some of their "contributing editors" are Edgar Steele, Frederick Toben, and Rick Adams
 How financial market is manipulated
The author puts the blame on the "US" rather than the Rothschilds and other bankers, but he provides some good information. Please watch the Money Masters video
 Democrats suggest soldiers get more rest
They allow the war to continue. British troops are still dying, also. The UK and US citizens are suckers
 David Shayler works with Alex Jones?
Shayler lives in Enland, but his web site is both registered to and hosted by Alex Jones. Explain that!
 Banks pump billions into financial markets
What are the bankers doing? And why is France trying to control the EU central bank? We must get rid of these bankers and  Zionism. We have a timeline of the Rothschilds and the bankers
 David Shayler is God!
The video is here. Jimmy Walter was fooled into letting Shayler speak at his London 9/11 event. As typical of agents, Webster Tarpley misspells Hufschmid's name. Rodriguez also spoke with Shayler in 2007. Most of the "truth seekers" are agents
 Minneapolis Jews offer aid
They will assist "in any way needed". Well, the victims need an education on Zionism and deception, so pass our articles around
 Jews are smarter than Goys
Some news agencies are again reporting this. Harold Rosenthal would agree. Can you help us  prove them wrong? Or will you fall for their deception and prove them correct?
 Rev. Ted Pike works with American Free Press
Also notice Ted Gunderson, Mark Glenn, Anthony Hilder, Pat Shannon, and others! This explains Ted Pike's suspicious behavior
 Amazing testimony from NYC fireman
It comes from the Alex Jones group who are so desperate for credibilty as honest investigators that they are releasing damaging information. How much more information have they been suppressing? Note that they didn't care about Dan Wallace and they don't care about Bollyn
 Lord Brown: UK should give up UN seat to EU
Who is in control of the EU? Is the EU designed to help Europe? Or allow Zionists to get control?
 Zionists start eating each other?
The infowars group is desperate to impress us and blame somebody for 9/11, so they harass Mayor Bloomberg
 "Bollyn" promotes Zionist agents
Why would Bollyn promote this site? And look who responded to his message, Sam Danner! You have to be approved to post on this board, so why and when was Danner approved? If you don't know who Danner is, Hufschmid has this
 Airlines sue FBI and CIA over 9/11
Lawsuits are also expected in Minnesota because of the bridge "collapse". Instead of lawsuits, how about if we deal with the problem: Zionism and other organized crime? Larry Silverstein, for example, should be arrested, not given $4 billion in insurance money
 Henry Makow has more details on the evil bankers
The bankers want WW3 to destroy the US, Israel, and Islam. If Makow is correct, Israel is an innocent victim. Can you figure this out?
 John Hagee says war is coming 
In case you wonder what he says to his flock of sheeple. Hagee is just one of many Christain Zio-Fascists who stir up hatred of other people
 Israeli company caught
This shows how people use different countries to get away with illegal operations
 US government website "forgets" Holocaust
How dare the Americans not mention this in virtually every document they write
 Syrian minister: Israelis are 'immoral'
He also says US and Israel are snakes. Is there any truth to his accusations?Canadian police arrest a mole
How many police departments have this problem?
 "Attention conspiracy theorists"
NASA will release Apollo photos they've been hiding for 38 years. Remember when Europe's Smart-1 would put an end to Apollo conspiracies? We're still waiting, Europe! We're also still waiting for the Holocaust documents (see below)
 "the mother lode from history's worst genocide - is missing"
Nazi war records are being prepared for the Internet, but some of the most important Holocaust documents are "missing". Let's blame the Bush family, or the Neocons!
 Holocaust stories in Laxton, UK
Eva Clarke, who was born in a Nazi camp, will explain her Holocaust ordeal at the Holocaust Centre. So, inmates were raising families? What would a baby remember about the Holocaust? You Brits don't want to miss this!
 Flying Saucers for consumers
When they tested these, how many people reported seeing alien spacecraft? Video here and check out the Air Force UFOs
 Obama wants troops in Pakistan
Does our military care? Meanwhile, Ron Paul is still pushing Al Qaeda propaganda with HR 3216, and even the deceptive sites are insulting it. Don't support Zionist puppets!
 Anti-Semitism exhibition in Germany
When do we get an anti-Goy or an anti-Arab exhibition?
 Another Israeli billionaire to watch
He is president of the FJC. He is getting involved with Las Vegas, Africa, and Romania, to name a few places. More here
 Sorcha Faal helps Rumor Mill News
Take a look at who helps who to identify the network.  Learn to follow the rats to avoid the crime network. Example, these 2 groups help antiwar.com, which we show here is a Zionist group
 Sudan: Jews behind Darfur conflict
The defense minister claims 24 Jewish organizations are fueling the conflict
 Gordon Brown becomes patron of Jewish National Fund
Tony Blair and David "I am a Zionist" Cameron were also patrons
 USA doubles funding for Israel's Arrow defense
Rothman is a democrat; both parties are controlled by Zionists
 Pat Tillman was murdered
They are finally admitting this. Who will be blamed? Alex Jones and others blame the Goyim. The Zionist media tried using his death to create anger towards Arabs; why not look at the Zionist connection?
 Panama is a transit country for drug trafficking
Why did Jimmy Carter give the canal to Panama? Was it to allow the Israelis in Panama to use the canal as a smuggling center? More here
 Israelis seeking German citizenship
Are they disgusted with Israel? Or is Israel sending troops to control Europe?
 Peres urges world to unite against Iran
We urge the world to unite against Zionism and other organized crime gangs
 Christian Zioinists promote hatred of Iran
The Eagles' Wings also send fools to Israel for propaganda. John Hagee says Jimmy Carter is Israel's 'enemy in America'. The Christians United for Israel claim that Ahmadinejad is a new Hitler. And Christians wonder why we complain about them!
 Mayor Daley gets control of police investigations
As soon as he got control, and he appointed Ilana Rosenweig in Los Angeles to be in charge. The "special cops" received the most complaints; did that group arrest Bollyn? Also, the Mayor is trying to take guns away. One clever sniper can take out a police department; is the mayor worried that citizens might get fed up with the corruption?
 Lord Cashpoint is laughing
Now Levy may sue the police, and the Police Commissioner is in trouble. The British police have also just figured out that Russia is responsible for Litvinenko's death, but why believe police who blame Arabs for 9/11 and for London's 7-7 train bombing? The UK police are as corrupt as the US police. It is just as Harold Rosenthal describes
 George Galloway in trouble again
The evidence shows that he is a Zionist puppet, as we explaned here and here
 German minister suggests "targeted killings" of terrorists
Why not have targeted killings of Zionists and corrupt policemen? Other German officials are warning of Al Qaeda attacks. Will any nation get tired of being suckers? Help us find people to prove Harold Rosenthal is wrong
 "seeing stars appear while it is day time"
One of our listeners just found this news article. It should help you answer Hufschmid's science challenge. If not, help is here and here
 Thousands turn out for dead NYC cop
If these people showed this much concern about the 9/11 victims, or the war victims, or Bollyn, we could change the nation, but most people are afraid of organized crime
 Danish man gets funds to study Nazis
Denmark does not have laws against 'Holocaust denial', so they are allowed to investigate the Nazis. When will the British, French, and other nations provide their citizens with such freedom?
 Sean Hannity shows the pressure the media is facing
He tries to make his guest look like an anti-Semite. This would not have happened in 2002; the truth is coming out
 Democrats fail to stop war
They tried, but they just couldn't do anything! How many Americans still believe the Democrats are less corrupt than the Republicans? The Iraqi ambassador doesn't seem to care, either
 WTC dust victims sue
They don't care that the buildings were blown up, or that 9/11 was a false flag op; they just want help with their medical bills. If you know any of them, send them our info about the dust
 New ADL Survey: anti-Semitism is up
No, "anti-Semitism" is not up, and this priest is not anti-Semitic; rather, the Internet is allowing people to expose the Zionism, and most people are disgusted with what they see
 Peres: If not for Holocaust, Israel would control Jordan
So, the Nazis are responsible for Israel's small size. Maybe that explains why Austria just announced a reward for Dr. Death
 Joe Wilson endorses Hillary Clinton
He helped John Kerry during the 2004 election. Wilson and his wife pretend to be honest victims, but the liberals lie just as much as the conservatives. We need to get rid of Zionism and corruption, not vote for another disgusting candidate
 Kissinger visits Putin
What is he trying to do? Here he is praising McCain, and here he talks about a NWO
 State Department issues warning
Suicide bombings are planned against American institutes, restaurants and businesses in Israel. Why don't Arabs attack Israelis?
 UK changing school curriculum
Churchill admitted he was a Zionist so we can understand the UK not promoting him, plus he was mentally ill, but are these changes an attempt to improve their education? Or modernize the propaganda to promote a Global Warming tax and hatred of Muslims?
 Bush like Hitler
And he may have been responsible for 9/11, says congressman Ellison. The struggle to blame Bush for 9/11 is increasing
 Conrad Black and others convicted
Scooter Libby and George Soros were also convicted, but that meant nothing. Some people have special privileges. More info on Black here and here
 Children of Holocaust survivors to sue Germany 
They are in urgent need of psychological treatment Firefighters union complain about Giuliani
However, they promote the official lie of 9/11. Union workers destroyed the evidence of the crime. Without corrupt unions, would 9/11 have been possible?
 Secrets of Nazi camp finally revealed
The passage of time allows people to recall painful memories, such as these children who watched 1.5 million Jews get killed by guns. With only one bullet permitted per Jew, some had to be buried while only wounded 'Jews face gathering storm'
If you read the Protocols, then you realize that the Internet has broken their control over the media, so they cannot stop this storm from growing. More about their meeting here and here
 China executes corrupt official
When will the US and Europe do this?
 'Time running out for Iran strike'
They are also worried about the tunnels. Israel cannot get the US to bomb Iran, but Al Qaida is threatening a war with Iran. Isn't that convenient? When will the US military get tired of this abuse?
 War costing $12 billion per month
Statistics on Israel's attack of Lebanon is here. Cindy Sheehan demands Pelosi impeach Bush and Cheney, which would give us President Pelosi. When will we demand an end to Zionism? Is Sheehan a stooge for Rahm Emanuel? Or just another idiot?
 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
This has technical info to attract naive engineers, such as this page, but they promote only the liars. Alex Jones will interview one of them on July 10. Another site to warn people about; another list of people to investigate
 Another British Union boycotts Israel
When will Americans, Germans, and others join in resisting Zionism?
 Pakistani general said Mossad behind 9/11
This was 3 days after the attack! Did you see this before?
 Russian ambassador complains of mafia image
Did you see the evidence that the Russian mafia is really Askenazi Russian Jews? It is at this page about Dresden. The Russians will improve their image by arresting the Zionists
 Secrets of Ukrainian Holocaust revealed
If Borisov is correct, Zionists are in control of Ukraine, so perhaps we should wonder how much of this is accurate
 Auschwitz gets name change
Now it will be more obvious that it was an "extermination camp". Dutch Jews want "wall of names" in Amsterdam for Auschwitz victims. Elie Wiesel wants the G8 and United Nations to meet at Auschwitz. Let's rename the World Trade Center the "Another Zionist false flag extermination site"
 Ooops! Oil was not reason for Iraq war
In Australia, trying to shift the blame to oil is not working, and a victim from the London 7-7 bombing makes a TV ad to get out of Iraq
 Israeli students don't know much about Zionism
Not many Goy do, either! The most significant organization in the world is a mystery to most people. Did you know some UK officials boast about being a Zionist? Do they know what Zionism is? How about the new UK officials Milband and Kouchner?
 Who knew of the Benoit murder?
When will they identify the people who knew about this murder? Were these murders intended to frighten athletes into submission? Another article here
 Italian army: Oswald did not kill JFK
When will the American or British army show the courage to stand up to organized crime? This site tries to make a joke of the Italians and divert attention to Goyim, similar to the "London bomb" joke we mentioned here
 Dead ‘Mossad spy’ was writing exposé
What is going on here?
 Benjamin Fulford; a Zionist agent in Japan?
His books blame 9/11 on the US military, and claim Japan is controlled by "zombies". He wants Japan to allow more immigration, a Zionist trick to create racial fights. Can you see that Henry Makow only promotes Zionists?
 Mysterious death of BBC boss
If she was assisting the Zionist propaganda, maybe the Brits are rebelling. Or was she among the few honest BBC employees? Or just a husband getting rid of his wife?
 Jack Straw becomes  "Lord Chancellor"
In 2003 Dalyell got in trouble for accusing Straw of being part of Blair's 'Jewish cabal'. Is Gordon Brown an improvement over Tony Blair, as the Holocaust  Education Trust implies?
 Kobi Alexander: Americans "marked him"
He also blames lawyers and accountants. Bollyn he wrote about Alexander here. Since Bollyn may not write any more, enjoy the articles he already provided
 Methodists are 'bordering anti-Semitism'
The church wants to reduce support for Israel. The ADL also complains about the World Council of Churches. Anybody who criticizes Israeli policies is insulted as an anti-Semite. Meanwhile, Israel is still killing Arabs in Gaza, and hospitals are low on supplies, partly because of Israel closing the border crossings
 Scientology to cash in on charity tax breaks in the UK
What is a "religion"? Should they have tax breaks? In Minnesota the cult is building one of their largest centers. Germany is one of the few nations standing up to Tom Cruise and his cult. Mitt Romney is causing people to wonder if Mormons are a religion
 25,000 Anne Frank documents released
They were stored in her cousin's attic. Meanwhile, two more countries are asking to release 50 million Nazi records that are still secret after 6 decades. Why is Michael Hoffmann afraid to release them?
 Foxman on "the new form of American anti-Semitism"
He said "over the last two years, questions of Jews' loyalty to the United States and to what extent Jews dictate American foreign policy, have been given new legitimacy." Yes, indeed, the Internet is allowing people to investigate and expose Zionist crimes and lies
 Egyptian nuclear engineer gets life in prison
For $17,000 he provided documents to Israel. It doesn't take much to bribe some people
 Professor Jones talks with Dr. Deagle about 'micro-fusion'
This is how a physicist spends his time? Will Jones discuss the issues Deagle talks about in our video of Deagle? That video is also at our page of videos. More at this Zionist site
 Rabbi Weiss on Fox news
This video can be useful to you when somebody claims you're an anti-semite, or when they don't believe that some Jews oppose Zionism and Israel
 Anger over "Sir Rushdie"
Making him a "knight" was another attempt to start fights, and  articles like thistry to frighten Europeans into fearing the "Radical Muslims". Help us warn people that our real problem is the Radical Jewish Zionists and the idiots who cannot see their deception
 Putin ally to be president of European Jewish Congress?
Is Putin also a Zionist agent?
 Bush agrees to increase military aid to Israel
Olmert was sucessful; Rosenthal is still proving to be correct
 Web Site headed for court over "If I Did It"
Why so much concern? Well, check out the accusations that Simpson got involved with the gambling and drug (Zionist?) network, and they tried to kill Nicole months earlier, as this and this and this site claim. Perhaps the paranoia of Simpson's case getting attention is the concern that it will expose the gambling and drug network. Get the PDF file while you can at one of those sites
 Ranking the presidential candidates
They prefer Giuliani. They don't consider Ron Paul to be a candidate, so apparently they have no intention of letting him win. Perhaps Ron Paul is meant to give the foolish patriots a false hope so that they don't rebel
 Holocaust due to Jewish prostitute?
The Royal College of Psychiatrists must be running low on good propaganda. Too bad Hitler didn't go to a British prostitute who majored in psychiatry
 ADL asks for help to stop British
When will the Germans, French, and US find their backbone and help the British stand up to Israel?
 Prosecution to convict Black simply because he is rich
Who realized that being rich would put you in jail? Get your tissues ready before reading his sad story
Ed Brown interview on TV
There is another interview here. Does he seem like another phony who is promoting Aaron Russo?
 Prosecutor Mike Nifong guilty
When will the Chicago police investigate the prosecutors of Bollyn?
 Sarkozy wants Tony Blair for EU President
We cannot get rid of Blair, Clinton, Gore, or other puppets until we get rid of Zionism
 More videos from our listeners
Check out this one for Bollyn
 FBI finds Botnet victims
A definition of Botnet is here. Instead of stopping crime, the FBI is helping China stop "terrorism"; they are warning universities to watch for spies and terrorists; and they want to waste more tax money to find "terrorist sleeper cells"
 "I am a Zionist"
UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron boasts about it. Apparently he is not concerned that the Goyim will develop some courage and hang the Zionists
 Finkelstein denied tenure at University
Obviously tenure is used as a reward for professors who follow orders, not who think independently, similar to how pensions are used to keep the police and military under control
 Washington DC gets Victims of Communism Memorial
This was authorized by Congress. Bush and Lantos were main speakers. Lantos boasts that he is the only Holocaust survivor in Congress. When do we get a Victims of Zionism Memorial? Or a Victims of American Apathy Memorial?
 Who is Ed Brown?
Why are Alex Jones, RBN, and other "patriots" helping him but not helping Bollyn? Brown promotes Aaron Russo, and Russo boasts he has video of Brown's IRS Standoff. Is Brown a sucker who is used to distract people, identify patriots, and give credibility to Jones, Russo, etc? Or is Brown working with the Zionist liars?
 Lieberman suggests we bomb Iran
If they can advocate attacking Iran, why can't we advocate attacking Israel, the Chicago courts, and the media? Meanwhile, Israel bombed Gaza again, and they claim the US and Israel is ready to attack Iran
 Israeli teenagers are a nuisance in Poland
An Israeli professor thinks it's because Israelis don't consider Poles to be "equal partners". Lots of interesting remarks here
 'We will isolate them'
Alan Dershowitz gets lawyers to help him fight the British academic boycott of Israel, and the ADL is running these ads. The ADL is also fighting "anti-semitsm" and "hate" and at the "Anti-Semitism conference". People are wising up to Zionism, and their only response is to insult us as anti-semites
 Sheriff Baca; a Scientology promoter
He let Paris Hilton out of jail. He helps give Scientolgy a good image, such as at this event. More about him here and here. What kind of police does America have? No wonder Bollyn's trial was such a scam!
 Jewish groups seek control of  newly discovered Holocaust grave site
It is "believed to be" a grave for Jews killed by Nazis. Also newly discovered is the diary of a 'Polish Anne Frank’ and Adolf Eichmann's passport. These passports turn up in the strangest places!
 Italian magazines and TV expose 9/11 "Tutta la verità"
The article is in Italian, and so is this, but it shows that 9/11 is coming out in Italy. They also discussed it on TV. These are some of the same Italians who invited Hufschmid to speak at their first major 9/11 conference. They also have this page about the Apollo moon landing. There is only so much longer that the Zionists can hold back 9/11. What will the Zionists do? Besides try to put Bollyn in jail? That won't be enough to protect them!
 US dropping twice as many bombs on Iraq
This is supposed to help the situation. They have been abusing Iraq since 1991. Will the US military ever figure out that they are suckers and fools?
 Israel plans "marathon of meetings"
They are concerned that "Bush has no intention to carry out a military strike against Iran". Days ago they complained about this. If Sweden told us to attack Norway, would we do it? Why not attack Israel, instead? Which would really do the world the most good?
 Coca-Cola and Cargill develop patented version of Stevia
The US and EU forbid using Stevia as a sweetner, but they may allow a patented version. If you don't know what Stevia is, try this brief description. When will the US and Europeans stop acting like dumb animals?
 Ahmadinejad: Arabs will destroy Israel
Is he just stirring up trouble? Adam LeBor - a Zionist agent who claims Hitler was in control of the banks and Red Cross - claims in this article that Ahmadinejad is "actually one of Israel’s greatest de facto allies." Is LeBor correct, or is he trying to make Ahmadinejad look bad? Is Ahmadinejad really interested in finding proof of the Holocaust?
 Rabbi Eliyahu: carpet bomb Gaza
He says all civilians living in Gaza are collectively guilty. Why not carpet bomb Israel instead? All Israelis are collectively guilty, aren't they?
 1,600 pages plus CD ROM to prove Oswald killed Kennedy
The media is promoting Vincent Bugliosi's new "book" in a desperate attempt to cover  up the murder. They also promote David Talbot's new book which says JFK is a conspiracy by Goyim. The Internet is allowing us to expose Zionism, so if we can find more people who care, we can get rid of them
 Another 9/11 animation from Purdue engineers
Their videos are used to justify the official story, but we can use them to show how absurd the official story is. The full video is at their page. The top people making these videos are listed here, and a list of their deceptive publications are here. The Purdue engineering department shows one of America's problems; most of America's engineers and scientists may be more loyal to other nations
 Chinese official gets death for taking bribes
Should we do this to traitors in the USA and Europe who continue to support Zionism? How about doing this to the people trying to convict Bollyn? Or doing it to the “spam king
 Sarkozy's Jewish roots
An interview from 2004 has been brought back
 Cindy Sheehan quits
She finally realizes that the "liberals" and anti-war groups are not helping to stop the war, but she still doesn't understand that Zionists are in control of those groups, and even posted her letter on the Zionist site DailyKOS. She is more proof that Rosenthal is correct when he says "We virtually get away with murder, and all the goy do is to talk about it" Actually, Sheehan never talked about 9/11 or much else
 Iran says Sarkozy could be "honest broker"
Explain this! A few days ago Sarkozy was suggesting sanctions on Iran. What makes Iran believe they can trust this man?
 Medical costs may exceed war costs
The liberals and peace groups are notexposing this war and 9/11 as a fraud. The war may stop only when our military aircraft is too old and worn. The aerospace sector is suffering a shortage of engineers
 NASA lawyer destroys video
What is going on at NASA? Did you know the video of Bollyn's arrest was also destroyed? How can we reduce crime when the police and lawyers get away with destroying evidence?
 Russian "Jewigarchs"
This propaganda site has some interesting info, but Mark Ames makes you first read his theory that the Protocols of Zion were created by anti-Semites. Ames wrote the book Going Postal to blame Columbine and other violence on mysterious social problems. Former editor Matt Taibbi is defending 9/11 and writes for Rolling Stone. Almost everybody in the media should be arrested
 Paula Zahn uses Ron Paul to promote anti-Arabism
The media is a cesspool of Zionist propaganda. Did you see how Zahn treated Bollyn?
 Feds arrest 24 people
Not for 9/11; not for Silverstein's insurance fraud; and not for Bollyn's illegal arrest; but for cheating casinos! The FBI has always protected organized crime and Zionism. Cheat a casino and you go to jail; blow up buildings and you get insurance money and FBI protection! What a nation!
 Congress bows to Bush on Iraq war
They all bow to Zionists, but this AP propaganda is going around the world. When will the "liberals" figure out that they are suckers?
 Death of 9/11 dust victim reclassified as murder
When will the NYC police reclassify Silverstein, Redstone, Newhouse, etc, as suspects in 9/11 instead of as "A Goy's best friend"?
 Al-Qaeda torture manual
TheSmokingGun is owned by CourtTV and CNN. Did Arabs really create this manual? Looks like another attempt to create anti-Arabism. The people at SmokingGun need to be investigated
 Silverstein gets another $2 billion
He wins again; we lose again.
 Steve Jobs wants Al Gore as president
Al Gore is on the board of Apple, but why? The mother of Steve Jobs is Joanne Schieble, who may be Jewish. He helped create Pixar, which gave us these remarks in A Bug's Life. More suspicious people to investigate!
 Official Sarkozy portrait
It is placed around France, and for first time shows EU flag. Photo here. He advocates sanctions on Iran. All nations focus on attacking Iran and Arabs, not helping their nation. Will the Goy ever figure out that they are under Zionist control?
 4 nations sending probes to the moon in 2007
NASA sent 9 Ranger probes in 1960's, most of which failed. Will any nation succeed  in 2007?
 RBN plays Bollyn's 6-6-6 interview
Instead of Mike Piper on 22 May, RBN played an interview from Bollyn; the one from 6 June 2006 that Piper ignores
 Iranian Jewish official condemns Israeli acts
Is he saying this only to reassure the Iranian people that he is not a Zionist infiltrator? Australian TV has a short report about Iranian Jews part 1 and part 2
 3 Zionist groups give award to John Howard
The Zionists own the Australian government also
 Cannes film festival shows Zoo
It is about the Boeing engineer who died in 2005. He worked on secret defense projects, and his act is on video (on the Internet), so it's possible that he was blackmailed. Is Zoo an attempt to make bestiality look good? It comes from Robinson Devor and THINKFilm. It is getting good reviews
 Jobs cannot be filled
Many Americans cannot or refuse to learn a skill. Canada is also losing  manufacturing. The USA is becoming a nation of government and university parasites who have wasted more than $300 billion on Iraq war so far, and no end in sight. Will the US police or military ever care? The firefighters complain about health problems, but don't help us expose 9/11 or demand the arrest of Zionists
 London's Cutty Sark a victim of arson?
Arson is suspected in many fires in the US and UK asthis simple google search of recent news shows. Crime is out of control, and some arson may be to put pressure on officials to follow the Zionist program
 Cancer rising in China from pollution
Pollution is also ruining beaches. In India, the police are getting oxygen supplies. Don't think pollution doesn't affect you; it travels in the air and water. This study showed chemicals are in all newborn American babies
 "if they ever figure that out..."
Will the little ants figure it out? "If you let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up!"
 Israel increases bombing of Gaza
Israel attacks "militants", not "humans" so that makes it OK. Will we ever find the courage to attack "Israeli militants" or "Zionist terrorists"?
 Congress provides more money for Israeli defense
Meanwhile, Israel continues the bombing of Gaza and Jimmy Carter is criticizing Tony Blair for his "blind" support of the war
 Italian university closed a campus to block Faurisson
He was invited to speak, but Italian universities are also under Zionist control. Look how the BBC describes Faurisson
 Holocaust survivors are angry
Because the U.S. Holocaust Museum refuses to release Nazi documents. Why would Paul Shapiro want to hide Nazi documents?
 Scientists get involved in JFK
But one works for the FBI so it is probably "damage control". And Vincent Bugliosi has a new book to show that Oswald acted alone!
 Bolton: we must attack Iran before it gets the bomb
Why not instead attack Israel and Zionists before they cause any more trouble?
 Clinton and Nadler to investigate 9/11 health problems
The woman that the Zionists blame for the health problems is refusing to testify
 Senate votes to keep war going
How many people are smart enough to realize that officials in the USA and UK don't really want to stop the war?
 Upcoming report shows uranium is dangerous
In 2005 the government scientists were still claiming uranium was safe. How many of us will be victims of uranium, pesticides, and other "safe" items as a result of these immoral scientists?
 Rosie talks about 9/11 again
Is Elizabeth as dumb as she appears?
 Survey: Europeans continue to be infected with anti-Jewish attitudes!
What is the cause of this infection? Perhaps it is the result of people who expose Zionist involvement in 9/11 and other crimes! Please help us spread this infection!
 Iraqi oil missing on a large scale
But the US government cannot explain it. Bollyn wrote about Iraqi Oil here and here. Maybe the article below can help us understand the extreme level of corruption.BP executives and Lord Browne exposed
This article has been erased already! We saved a copy.
 Sarkozy proposes a Mediterranean union
Another union to help the Goyim, but controlled by Zionists. Info on the Sarkozy family here
 Scientologists panic over BBC exposé on 14 May
It is already causing fights. Video links here
 "sweetheart, cancel my doctor's appointment"
Proof that Larry Silverstein is innocent! So, it must have been the Neocons who did 9/11! Do you buy the WSJ or other Zionist publications? If so, you are helping the enemy
 Nasa unveils Hubble's successor
It will be put beyond the moon at Lagrange Point 2. NASA must use Europe's Ariane 5 to do it; only Europe has rockets with such power! But Europe won't talk about the Apollo moon landing (photo below show why)
 Britain still teaching Holocaust
Actually, they are getting £1.5m more to 'educate' their children. So, the Brits are still on their knees and squealing like pigs. Oink, oink!
 Israeli may join Sarkozy's cabinet
Just what France needs; the son of a 'Nazi hunter'. Netanyahu likes Sarkozy. Will Israel get control of USA also? This Swede says Jews and gays control Las Vegas. Don't let Jones, Tarpley, etc, fool you; it is not Bush we have to worry about; it is Zionism. Watch this short video of Gen. Wesley Clark defending Soros. Even the US Military has sold out
 Bruce Willis named
Is it true? Almost no news coverage of it. Jossip has details and audio (Warning, don't play it in public); Bruce Willis paid $15,000 for 5 girls at once. Is this why he is lieing about JFK now? What are "they" threatening to reveal about him? Tarpley on Hannity and Colmes
Can you see that people who "Blame the Goys" for 9/11 get better publicity than those of us who blame Zionists? Compare how CNN talked about Loose Change to their abuse of Bollyn. Video of Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen on CNN last year is hereHolocaust survivor speaks at Catholic school
Want to ask the school if they will allow us speak about 9/11? Meanwhile, the Holocaust archive is coming to D.C., but only on the condition that nobody look closely!
 Who is Vincent Bollore?
And why is Sarkozy celebrating his victory with him?
 Hate crime bill from Kennedy still active
If we allow vague laws against "hate", anybody could be arrested
 France to strengthen ties with Israel
Remember when Israelis  boasted about their success in our 2004 elections? They are slowly taking over our governments, but most Goyim don't notice or care, as Rosenthal said
 Soros plans a CFR for Europe
This might help you understand that the CRF is just one of their groups, as we explain here. The sites that defend Soros, such as crooksandliars in this attack on O'Reilly, are Zionist. O'Reilly is not honest, either; he knows they are Zionist Jews, but he calls them "far left"
 Cleanup in Kansas is slow because of Iraq
60% of their equipment is in Iraq! The Democrat officials, rather than stop the war, are appeasing their dumb followers by offering to reduce funding, or asking for a timeline, or doing nothing
 18,000 people get together in Mexico
But only to be in a photo of naked people! If we could get 18,000 people to go to the Chicago courthouse, we could stop Bollyn's trial, but most people only want entertainment, especially sexual titillation. Did you see the 8,962 "snow angels" last winter? How about if 18,000 people went to the NYC police and demanded they arrest Silverstein and the media executives?
 28% of new jobs in April were government
The US continues to deteriorate. IBM may lay off more than 30%. More people work 2 jobs today, even though technology should allow us to work less! Meanwhile, taxpayers are paying for Bollyn's trial, and the salaries of our corrupt officials. At least help us stop that trial
 Voting fraud in the UK
Every voting system is easily cheated. Note that Mathaba promotes Galloway's complaints about the fraud and claims that Zionists hate him, but listen to this excerpt from his radio show as he blames Israel's bombing of Lebanon in 2006 on the USA. Can you see that Mathaba and Galloway are Zionist tools? We will not solve our problems until we wipe out Zionism
 22% believe Bush knew of 9/11
After 5 years, this is all? And look at this:  40% want to attack Iran. Are these polls accurate?
 Jewish community wants Brown
Who will replace Tony Blair? Have you seen that Brown backs "Shoah Education". Comments and links about Labour Friends of Israel here
 9/11 info interfering with sham trials
This is a sign that we can beat the Zionists, so continue to spread info! Please note that many articles at this site and Hufschmid's site are now in other languages
 "Comparisons to Nazis ... are abhorrent"
So why not complain about comparisons of the Iranian President to Hitler, such as this or this? Or the Hilter in Korea?
 Bush can still spy on us
rawstory and other Zionists are complaining again about the NSA. If the NSA is spying for Zionists, we have a problem, but they owe it to the human race to spy on Zionists, as we explained last year here
 Updated again:
Professor Wood was not the person implying Professor Jones involved with murder
It was a secretive person posting at Rick Siegel's site
 Exposé of 9/11 shown on UK TV
The UK has more intelligent TV, but it is the Alex Jones view of 9/11. Do the Brits realize that they are being deceived?
 Rense reduces his exposure of Apollo
That screen image shows that on 29 April he was featuring 6 videos on the Apollo scam. Hufschmid was insulted for talking about Apollo, but on 29 April, Rense exposed it, but not with Hufschmid's information. Now Rense reduces his coverage of it. Did it cause too much trouble? What will Alex Jones say about Apollo now?
 Israeli police to question Frank Lowy
He is Larry Silverstein's friend. The American police don't care that Lowy or Silverstein were involved in 9/11, but the Israelis crack down on people who cheat them. Too bad we can't hire the Israeli police to investigate 9/11
 Arsenic In Chicken
Are we ruining our health and polluting our planet for profits and low prices?
 Olmert: 'A 10-day attack could delay Iran's nuclear race by years'
What would a 10-day attack on Zionists do? Instead of bomb Iran, how about we bomb the Rothschilds, Bronfmans, ADL, and SPLC?
 Parents of Columbine victims want evidence unsealed
Why are we allowing evidence to be sealed? This is a very strange crime, as you can see from judicial-inc here and here, and Hufschmid here. Did you know we are still waiting for the evidence of Holocaust to be unsealed? Why not realease all evidence for these crimes? How about unsealing Scott Ritter's arrest record?
 Hal Turner wants certified addresses
As is typical of Zionists pretending to be Nazis, Turner offers childish insults about other races. Now he wants members to pay a notary public to certify their name and address. The groups of patriots, Nazis, Liberals, etc. may be collecting names for a reason. Be careful
 "vicious anti-Semitic attack" in France
Do you remember this similar incident in 2004? The people at FRP are showing signs of wising up; look at their comments
 Democrats offer $124 billion for war
In return they want the war to end eventually. If the Liberals, peace groups, and antiwar groups wanted to stop the war, they would help us show that the reason for the war, 9/11, was a fraud. Don't expect Zionist agents to save us from Bush and Blair. We must eliminate the Zionist movement
 Cho's massacre now only 9 minutes
More than 170 shots. As we mentioned before, he removed the 3 serial numbers to make it difficult to identify the Glock, but he carried the receipt, and he sentphotos and video to NBC. Do you believe Cho did this alone?
 26 firefighters with sarcoidosis
Not many people, besides us, seem to care. Not even these people at Fire Engineering will expose the scam
 Obama tries to reassure Jewish voters
When will he reassure Goy voters that he is not a Zionist stooge?
 Summary of the Bronfmans
We should know who influences our world. A brief list of some Bronfmans. They got started in crime and now make a fortune with Seagrams and entertainment. They promote a "renaissance of Jewish life" and "all Jews are a single family" through various foundations. This page has a remark about Bronfman that adds to what Bollyn wrote about Iraq, plus Hufschmid wonders about their connection with Meyer Lansky and the JFK assassination
 Jew feels left out
Here is something funny for a change, but there is some truth to accusation that some Jews not accepted by Zionists, as the Ringworm story shows
 Tillman-Lynch Hearing
Was Tillman murdered? Was the rescue of Jessica Lynch staged? Only fools expect the Congress to tell the truth. If anybody knows the Tillmans, let them know about 9/11 and Zionism
 Lots of "high tech" jobs for USA
The University of California and other groups complain Americans don't have the skills, so they are asking for more H1-B visas to bring more foreigners into America. This also brings more profit to the universities. The Americans can get jobs in government
 Bill O'Reilly attacks Soros
He probably exposed Soros and the media more than Alex Jones ever has. Is this evidence that there is serious fight between the two main groups of Zionists, as Hufschmid wonders in Masquerade Party 3? Are we going to remain pawns in this battle? Or will you help us find enough people to become active participants and get rid of all Zionists?
 Olmert: Iran can be stopped peacefully
He says that we don't have to attack Iran yet. Well, we also can stop Zionism, the Rothschilds, Bronfmans, etc, peacefully; we don't have to attack them yet
 Blair forced out; Brown to replace him?
Michael Meacher may run also. Zionists are trying to get more control over the US and Europe. Are we stopping them? Or just pushing them to work harder?
 Smith responds to some complaints
And we get lots of them!
 Bin Laden franchises
Are people still falling for this propaganda?
 Tom Cruise raises money for sick 9/11 workers
The FDNY is supposedly upset, but when will they help us expose 9/11? Why do we care more than the victims?
 IAF to ask US for advanced jets
Why should we give this criminal network anything other than a summons to appear on court for 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, and other crimes?
 British journalists show some courage
Of course, there were complaints. People are realizing that our problem is Zionism. This will increase if you help us spread the information. When will Americans show the world that Rosenthal is wrong?
 JFK photo to be sold
The media usually trims Zapruder out of the Moorman photo, as did that article. Hufschmid has details on the significance of it. Judicial-inc also has info on JFK Jr and Robert
 Former Mossad chief: Kill Ahmadinejad
Current French Connection chief: Kill Amit. If Amit can call for it, so can Smith
 The gun control lobby
It is worth emphasizing again; the "liberals" want to ban guns, but the Liberals are controlled by hard-core Zionists, such as Rahm Emanuel. The "patriots" promote guns, such as Alex Jones here. Jones promoted Aaron Zellman of JPFO on his radio show. Will you be fooled? The solution to our problems is crack down on Zionism and other organized crime! Stop living in fear; stop the candlelight vigils; and don't buy armor for school children. Help us find people who are fed up with the abuse by these Zionists
 SAIC ordered to hire Wolfowitz's friend
The Pentagon has an serious infestation of Zionists. Remember Dov Zakheim?
 Cell phones didn't work during shooting
But there was a good explanation: lots of people were making calls! So whose calls were getting through?
 Ban on Holocaust denial will not curb civil liberties
Europeans will still be able to say "Kill the Jews" but they cannot disagree with the official Holocaust story. Are the Europeans stupid enough to fall for this trick?
 Holocaust survivor saves students
It's a good thing the Nazi death camps were so inefficient that the world is full of Holocaust survivors, some of whom now sacrifice their lives to defend us against the New World Order! Let's return the favor and give the Holocaust survivors the Nazi documents they ask for
 US complains about Russian police
Have you heard what Bobby Fischer said last year about Kasparov? Click herefor the mp3 file (the 33rd at his site). It appears that the protest was staged by Zionists, and now they are trying to make a fuss over it
 Michael Moore takes 9/11 victims to Cuba
Another attempt to distract people from what happened, the demolition of the towers
 China looks to Brazil for food
China's farmland is also becoming polluted. No nation is dealing with pollution, corruption, or war. As the US economy deteriorates, China will be able buy our farmland and avoid dealing with their problems
 Berezovsky is funding a revolt in Russia
Is anybody planning a revolution for the USA?
 The battle for the Chicago media
An interesting view of Sam Zell and others who are taking over our media
 Don't look at Israel; look at Darfur
Google is working with the US Holocaust Museum to stir up emotions about Darfur. US Senators are also assisting by bringing Gaddafi back as one of the evil monsters that the US must stop
 Newt Gingrich wants Gonzales fired
Who will replace Gonzalez? Michael Chertoff? Did you see what Bollyn wrote about this? As 9/11 becomes exposed, the Zionists want their own people in control of the courts!
 Death of a famous UK conman
The police and citizens were not afraid of Langford, so why are we afraid of the Rothschilds, Larry Silverstein, Zionists, and media executives? Let's get rid of all of these criminals!
 #42: Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter
This is from 1998. Was it to warn people about deception? Or teach them how to do it? Bollyn has a new article about the deception with the War on Terror here
 BBC reporter staged his kidnapping
According to "Arabic" newspaper in London. Bollyn explains here why Israel is behind it. You should already realize the European and US media is controlled by Zionists
 German official demands Travolta get lost
Scientology is considered a cult in many nations, and they are watched. In the UK Travolta demands nobody mock his cult. A video of their street fair shows their fear of cameras
 Zell wants search engines to pay newspapers
It would be better if people stopped buying newspapers, and if we arrested the media executives as accessories to 9/11 and the other crimes they protect
 Economy is improving!
Can you see the deception? Manufacturing is down, but government, education, and health care jobs are up. This means higher taxes, tuition, medical costs. How much longer will we put up with this?
 Columbine documents sealed
Holocaust documents are still secret, 9/11 evidence destroyed, some JFK info is secret, Scott Ritter arrest was sealed, NASA video was lost... do you see a pattern? judicial-inc and Hufschmid show why they want to hide Columbine info. They win again; we lose again
 Britain has been humiliated
Keep a stiff upper lip, mates! Better yet, stop funding the Zionist media, or arrest them!
 Jewish Genius - are they smarter than Goy?
Is this why they get away with 9/11? Is this why the Goy follow Alex Jones and other liars? Check out Harold Rosenthal. When will the Goy show their intelligence and get rid of Zionism?
 Don Trump donates to IDF
Only 1/4 million, but this might explain who he works for
 Obama raises $25M
Jesse Jackson supports him. Have you heard the accusations that Jackson helped kill MLK? Everybody who gets support by the Zionist media should be investigated. Obama is Senator for Illinois, where Bollyn was arrestedand corruption is rampant. Is he an improvement over Bush? Or a puppet of a different color?
 Palestinians illegally building on Jewish land
They built homes, a UN school, and a refugee camp. Why can't Arabs build on Arab land? Don't they know how to read a map? No wonder Israel want a "rematch in Lebanon"
 3 Israelis accused of training death squads
Were they doing the training for an Israeli crime network?
 "Zionist cabal runs policy on Israel"
So says a Scottish MP about Tony Blair. When will officials in other nations show such courage? He should have exposed Chertoff's visit to the UK to spew propaganda, and Kissinger's manipulation of Nixon
 Sam Zell may get Chicago Tribune
Bollyn points out that Zell helps finance IDC Herzliya, a school with Zionist training programs. They have a Zell program in his honor. If the US and European Goy were not such suckers, they would refuse to buy Zionist publications. Actually, we would arrest the criminals
 Belgium to tax barbeques for Global Warming
That may be a joke, but what about this news item that a Colorado town voted to impose a "Carbon tax" on itself? This is what happens when fools ignore corruption. Will we be taxed for allowing plant matter to decompose in our yards, which also produces CO2? Some proposals for these taxes are from 2005, such as this and this
 Jews flock to Germany
According to Germany's Central Council of Jews, more Jews are moving to Germany than Israel. Are the Jews following Ahmadinejad's advice? Don't they like living among Jews? Or are they sending troops to Germany to help keep the Goy under control? Or is it to get more Holocaust compensation, such as this family that just got $117 million?
 A rare news article about the Rothschilds
Details on the personal life of one of Europe's masters. Have you seen our Rothschild timeline?
 Russian TV accuses Berezovsky of Polonium poisoning
Bollyn wrote about him here in 2005, before the poisoning. The evidence shows that the murder was by Zionist gangs. His partner, Abramovich, is still loose, and very rich
 Israel tops the world in Internet crime
Who would have guessed?
 Fire destroys anti-Zionist Synagogue
The Zionists attack and abuse everybody, even Jews. Meanwhile, these Christains beg Israel for forgiveness
 UK schools drop Holocaust and Crusades because of Muslims
The Muslims complain the schools lessons are lies! Will schools next avoid 9/11, Princess Di, and JFK? Whose version of history is correct?
 Syrians have nerve gas, Iraq develops nukes
A UPI "news" report from almost 5 years ago is the same today
 Holocaust Music!
Some prisoners created songs before being gassed and burned, supposedly to hide the killings. Oi Vey! What will be exposed next? Did they also get sightseeing trips to Rome or Paris? Is this one reason the Nazis records are still a secret?UK Judicial system is 'failing Jews'
Get your tissues ready. We must do more to help these oppressed and abused people. Perhaps we should bomb Iran for them, as they suggest again here
 UK Minister vows crackdown on anti-semitism
How will UK officials determine what is anti-Semitic? Is this? How about a crackdown on anti-Goyism?
 Holocaust Survivors ask Congress for Nazi files
One survivor asks "what possible justification can there be to prevent us from learning the truth" Duh! Try Hufschmid's articles, such as this and this. Also, read this about the SS officer who was hired by the Mossad
 Rosie should be hung for treason!
So says one Zionist puppet, while the host wants her fired. Also on youtube here. If you think Olbermann or Maher can be trusted, try to watch this interview
 Video of Rosie on 9/11
The end is best. Rosie directs blame to Bush and "corporations". Elizabeth doesn't realize she is just a decoration for the show. They cannot suppress 9/11, so they are exposing it and directing people to Alex Jones and other liars
 Israeli schools instill fear of anti-Semitism
This says 3 out of 4 teenagers got their fear from school. Perhaps the schools should stop deceiving them, and Zionists should stop pretending to be anti-Semites
 NBA coach suspended for anti-Semitism
Boasting that you have “big-time Jew lawyers” is now a crime. The word "Jew" is becoming sensitive, no doubt because of 9/11
 Australian soldiers contaminated
From the 1991 Iraq war. Have you seen our page on uranium? These wars are poisoning our planet
 350,000 anti-Mormon DVDs passed out in Utah
Another group in Arizona passed out 18,000 DVDs. The ADL condemned the "Mormon-Bashing". In the 1990's the Mormon Church was said to receive $5 billion each year in tithings alone. See BBC and Time. The Zionists infiltrate other organizations, so why not this wealthy Cult? Professor Jones, a Mormon, and his buddy Jim Hoffman were just given the previously secret WTC blueprints. Whoever held the blueprints a secret has just decided to bring attention to Professor Jones. And Alex Jones is helping also! And the ADL is defending the Mormon Cult. Did you watch this video introduction to Mormonism?
 David Irving denies gas chambers to Italians
He spoke in Budapest a few days ago. Why does he get such publicity by a Jewish media that hates him? Consider Hufschmid's latest remarks about this issue
 Maurice Greenberg
This is just a list of facts, but it may lead to clues to how 9/11 connects to the banking families
 Democrats agree to fund Iraq war for another 1.5 years
It's important to understand that by then Iraq will be destroyed, which is the plan, as Bollyn explained here. The media fools people into thinking the Democrats are standing up to the Bush administration and stopping the war. Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives seem smart enough to understand that both groups are suckers
 Video of drunk Chicago cop beating woman
It appears as if the bartender was trying to protect one of the other patrons, who just stood by and watched, as described here. With policemen and citizens like this, it's easier to understand Bollyn's illegal arrest, and the silence of policemen, firemen, professors, and other citizens in regards to 9/11 and other crimes
 German police cadets bored of Holocaust stories
"there will be consequences". More here. Should they be put in jail for "Holocaust Boredom"? Meanwhile, the B'nai Brith says anti-Semitism is rising in Canada, and a Rabbi says anti-Semitism is an "international mental illness"
 French Jews petition US for asylum
Why don't they go to Israel? Are these the anti-Zionist Jews who are the target of the mysterious anti-Semites?
 Waxman leads attempt to expose Republican cover-up of Global Warming
It seems that most people pushing Global Warming are Zionists. Hereis the site that has the testimony from such scientists as James Hansen who said he is suppressed. Shall we cry for Hansen?Jim Cramer admits to manipulating stock prices
Video is here. Are you surprised to discover corruption in the stock market?
 Demonstration of support for Rosie O'Donnell
Alex Jones and 911truth will support Rosie, but not ask for an investigation of the mysterious death of their good friend Dan Wallace
 Sex slaves sold at UK airport coffee shops
There is one report after another, but nobody does anything because many of the customers are government and police officials
 Israelis surrounded by Holocaust Deniers
A poll shows 33% of Arabs in Israel who graduated from high school or college don't believe the official Holocaust story. Of all Arabs, 28% don't believe it. Does this pattern exists in the US or Europe; ie, do the more educated and intelligent people deny the Holocaust?
 NASA asks Congress for more money
Griffin frightens Congress by telling them that China may put men on the moon in less than 10 years. Uhh... so what? Didn't we already do that 6 times from 1969 to 1972?  Why should we care if some other nation reaches the moon? Check out his speech hereand notice near the end he says "Today, some young people cynically question whether we ever really..." Some old people are also questioning whether NASA ever really landed on the moon
 Poland worried about losing workers
Wealthy nations cannot resist the low priced workers, similar to how Americans cannot resist hiring Mexicans. Poles are Norway's biggest minority now. The UN estimates 2.3 million workers a year will move from Asia and Africa to wealthy nations. But after hiring the low priced workers, the wealthy nations complain about all the foreigners! With such selfish idiots dominating the world, do we have any hope?
 Germar Rudolf sent to prison for 2.5 years for Holocaust Denial
This is a complex issue, so please read about the possibility that this is a trick, and Rudolf may have been blackmailed into going along with it. A real Holocaust investigator defends himself, as Faurisson is doing in this court case
 Violence in Budapest
David Irving was invited to speak there by... who? And what are "far-right protesters"? Some info about Hungary from judicial-inc
 Full AIPAC speeches at CSPAN
Some of the videos on that page are from earlier AIPAC meetings. John  Hagee is at youtube in 3 parts: 1, 2, 3. These traitors and idiot Christians are a significant problem for the entire world. Also, check out the amusing video excerpt of Meria Heller at the Arizona 9/11 conference at this page
 Egypt wants Israel to investigate 1967 incident
More here. Only a fool would expect Israel to admit to such accusations. Have you listened to our interview about the attack on the USS Liberty? It is related to the Egyptain complaints
 Larry Silverstein: "We're going to make you pay!" 
Instead of arresting Silverstein and his Zionist friends in the media and government, New York City residents gather around him and cheer him! Meanwhile, some clueless women are camping out in front of Pelosi's home in order to pressure her into stopping the Iraq war. Photos here. Not many people realize that the "Liberals" are under the control of Zionists, and they have no desire to help Iraq.
 British school children to get gay fairytales
And 3-year-olds 'should be told to stand up for their rights'. Is this the beginning of a "child's liberation movement"? Are these people really trying to help British children? When will we start a Goyim Liberation Movement?
 Canadian veterans try to stop discussions of WW2 bombings
Just like the American veteran groups, the Canadian veteran groups try to suppress the truth about the bombing of Dresden, the Nazi camps, 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, etc. As Hufschmid wrote here, it doesn't matter whether the veteran groups are stupid or under Zionist control. The veterans should rebel against their leaders
 Fights start over Global Warming video
Another article here. Professor Jones and Fetzer are fighting over 9/11, perhaps to discredit 9/11 research, and we now have Carl Wunsch starting a similar fight. Is this a trick to discredit "Global Warming Deniers"? We must destroy the Zionist movement in order to bring honesty to the media and science. In the UK they want a flight tax
 Now Churchill is 'anti-Semitic'
He helped Zionism, and in 1937 he tried to help Jews by writing "How the Jews can combat persecution". More here. He wrote that Jews "have been partly responsible for the antagonism from which they suffer." Obviously, to suggest that Jews have misbehaved is anti-Semitic. We must say that Jews are flawless, and all their problems are due to anti-Semites. Churchill was mentally ill, like most Zionist puppets, not anti-Semitic, as you can see here and here. Judicial-inc has thisand thison Churchill
 Israeli officer sells weapons to Iraqi terrorists
The Zionists regularly trick the Goy into killing each other. Purim is based on this trick. As Bollyn explained here, the Zionist plan is keep the war going to allow Israel to get control of Iraq.
 Israel has a long history of supplying Iran with weapons?
If this is accurate, it would explain the strange behavior of the Iranian government. Israel also supplied China with a lot of weapons technology during Clinton's presidency in an attempt to seduce the Chinese
 Anti-Semitic forces out to get Lord Levy
Rabbi Schochet said it is all about 'get the Jew'. Actually, Anti-Goy forces are out to protect Levy's criminal network, and the Rabbi wants to 'Blame the Goys' for Levy's arrest
 Conrad Black's ex-friend Henry Kissinger to testify against him
Is Patrick Fitzgerald finally going after media executives for deception, lying about 9/11, and covering up other Zionist crimes? No! The Zionist crime network is simply angry that Conrad Black cheated them. The US legal system is controlled by Zionists, and Fitzgerald is just another of their attack dogs
 Article on Nat Rothschild
Notice the connection to Russian business. We have a timeline on the Rothschild family here
 Israel seducing Indian leaders
Will India learn from the mistakes of other societies? Or will they become the next victim of the Zionists? In this article we find an Indian General being fooled into cooperating with terrorism and defense
 Lots of new jobs in the USA during Februrary 
The media tells us that the USA is doing great. Can yousee the deception? Health care is now 1 in 6 jobs. Other growing areas are government, schools, insurance, law, and other non-productive 'service' areas. Taxes, tuition, and insurance will continue to rise. How long can this deterioration continue? Who is doing productive work in the USA? See the news item below
 Hispanics getting lots of the new jobs
Alex Jones and other liars accuse Hispanics of invading the nation, but the Hispanics are simply taking jobs that are offered to them
 Secret Nazi archives soon to open
30 million to 50 million pages; 16 miles of filing cabinets and binders. Who is keeping so many Nazi documents a secret? And why? And let's also demand the release all documents and video relating to 9/11, the USS Liberty, and Apollo moon landing. Why so much secrecy if there is nothing to hide?
 6 Israelis arrested for Anti-Semitic crimes
Stand up to the accusations of "anti-Semitism." Now it is being used it on Israeli Jews. And check out this article. Nobody is anti-Semitic simply for complaining about Israel or Zionism. In this article we find that "Jews fear anti-Semitic rise". This is as stupid as "red-headed men fear rise in anti-red-headism". The Zionists fool people into thinking that mysterious anti-Semites are abusing Jews
 Iranian Jew to become mayor of Beverly Hills
The strong Jewish connection to Iran may explain why Iran often appears under Zionist control, such as when Iran invited David Duke and Mike Piper to speak at a Holocaust conference
 The Green family brings Air America back to life
A bio of Mark Green is here. Zionist Jews are pretending to be "liberals". They fool us into thinking that our problems can be solved by replacing Bush with a Democrat. Please warn people to notice that the "liberals" refuse to expose 9/11, stop the war in Iraq, or allow free speech about the Holocaust. The liberals lure Gullible Goys into Goy Pens with web sites that criticize Bush, such as the Huffington Post. Don't follow Zionists! They are not our friends!
 Israel is Satan's bastard child?
Haaretz article discusses a BBC poll. Check out comment #2 for a solution!
 Who in the US government wants to silience the DC Madam?
Why do these mysterious people care if her customers are embarrassed? And why should we care? Would the government protect you from embarrassment? Is there more to this story? Is it possible that it will lead to sex slaves, Boystown, or  the Franklin cover-up? Have you heard our interviews with DeCamp and Griggs?
 Israelis denounce bishops' Nazi comparison
The French Connection denounces the silence of the Catholic and other church officials on 9/11, the Rothschilds, and Zionism. People who remain silent are accessories to the crimes because they allow it to continue. If you go to church, ask if Jesus would ignore the corruption
 Scandal at Wikipedia
One editor claiming to be a professor turns out to be 24-year old community college dropout. If you think this is the only fraud at Wikipedia, please look at its entries for Zionist related info, or look at what they say about Bollyn, Hufschmid, and Smith. Wikipedia is another attempt by Zionists to control our information
 Americans: the most religious, the most ignorant
More here. This book tells us what we should already know simply by talking to Americans. Many Americans believe that Muslim suicide bombers get 72 virgins after death, despite Muslims telling us that it is a Zionist trick to fool us into hating Muslims. Most Americans believe in Judeo-Christians, but not Muslo-Christians. Americans don't know whether Jews are a race or a religion. Is it any wonder that a small group of Zionists can get control of the USA?
 Air Force worried about its old equipment
And the Army is complaining for billions of dollars to repair its broken equipment. As America loses skilled workers and manufacturing, and becomes a third world nation, our military will become useless. Will they wise up and get rid of our Zionist cancer while they still have enough equipment? In the UK, half of the soldiers have the mind of an 11-year-old, so they may not be smart enough to wise up. Do the citizens have to take matters into their own hands?
 Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping
Are Sibel Edmonds and Bill Weaver really "Whistleblowers"? Mike Rivero gives them lots of publicity, but the only people complaining about the NSA are people who protect Zionists. Coincidence? We think not, as we explained a year ago here
 Bad Germans! They pretend that they were victims also
More here. We all know that the stories of slaughters, rapes, and beatings of Germans at the end of war are exaggerations. Even if the stories are accurate, the Germans deserved it, such as these killings by Eisenhower. "Any attempt to revise the history of World War Two needs to be watched carefully. I hope the process in Germany will be stopped," the Polish Prime Minister said. Yes! Let's stop those filthy Germans from rewriting history! Let's demand a full investigation of the world wars so that we all know what the truth is, which in turn will expose the German lies!
 Al Jazeera assists with 9/11 cover-up
Their show Listening Post broadcast 9/11 propaganda by Moonbeam Films. Al Jazeera's English programs are Zionist propaganda. This is why they refuse to fully expose 9/11, and why they promote Zionist agents such as Dylan Avery, Nafeez Ahmed, and Rory O'Connor. The Muslims should wonder if the entire network has been infiltrated by Crypto Jews
 French presidential options similar to those of USA
Sarkozy is "a strong supporter of Israel", and his opponet is a woman who is "difficult" to understand and trailing far behind. In the US and Europe, the candidates are either Zionists, or their puppets. The Zionists are getting more control of us by fooling voters into hating Bush, Blair, and Chirac. Only a few voters realize the Zionists are the problem
 Hollywood making movie about Plame
Don't expect Goldsman and Zucker to give us the true story. We have enough evidence that all of these media executives should be arrested as accessories to Zionist crimes
 D.C. Madame to sell phone records
To pay her legal bills. More here. As Al Capone learned, we can commit crimes, as long as the IRS gets their share. Nothing frightens government officials more than the thought of getting a real job, as Hufschmid mentinos here.
 Ahmadinejad: Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan
He also blames US and Israel for all wars. When he stop the insults and promote the evidence for Zionist crimes? And when will talk about 9/11? Why is he holding back?
 Bill O'Reilly is correct
It has been days, but still very little news about former ACLU leader. Take a look at NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC, or others. More proof that the ACLU and those media companies are Zionist. Meanwhile, Alex Jones promotes another JBS article to fool us into thinking they are helping us!
 A prostitute talks
But only about 2 dozen customers. It was an international business. Were any of the other customers promised protection in return for assisting Zionism? How did she decide who to expose, and who to protect?
 The debate on Global Warming is over!
It is time to act. Or is this another scam? Why trust people who lie about 9/11 and other crimes? The British government is distributing Al Gore's film to all schools! Who in the British government made that decision? This looks like another attempt to manipulate us now that Peak Oil has failed, as Hufschmid explains here
 Attempt to deceive sick 9/11 workers
More here. George Soros and others are donating to the medical care of the 20,000 sick workers. If Soros really cared, he would expose 9/11 as a false flag op. He spent more money trying to get John Kerry elected. This is an attempt to fool us into thinking these billionaire Zionists actually care for us. Counteract it by passing around our article about the dust and health problems
 Korean comic book is anti-Semitic?
It claims that Jews are in control of America. Is that anti-Semitism? Why isn't this Rabbi condemned?
 AIPAC demands "action" on Iran
Some US Generals threaten to quit if ordered to attack Iran. Did you expect US Generals to threaten to crush the life out of Zionism? If so, please listen to Kay Griggs explain our military leadership. Meanwhile, our government is discussing how much money to give Israel each year. You didn't expect the USA to demand Israel to pay Europe, the USA, and the Arabs for the abuse we suffered from them, did you?
 Iraq pressured to let foreigners control oil
Bollyn explained this here. Slowly the Zionists destroy and conquer Europe, the USA, and now Iraq. Who is next? Or will you help us put an end to Zionism?
 Slavery returns to Britain on large scale
A news article on sex slaves moving to suburbs is here. John DeCamp and Kay Griggs can help you understand why no nation can stop this. Specifically, some of the customers of the slaves are government officials who are under the control of Zionists. Have you heard our interviews with DeCamp and Griggs
 Candidate forced out
We can freely advocate a bombing of Iran, but something Parker said was offensive. Can you see it?
 Proof the Israelis were shadowing 9/11 hijackers
Israelis were notshadowing them; they were handling them. Rivero, antiwar.com and tbrnews.org are part of a Zionist psy-op team. Note how they all work together! We have more on antiwar here and trbnewshere. Help us expose the Zionists!
 Israeli spys and technology theft
This was from 10 years ago! Here is another. Links to the GAO report was just added here to our Rothschild timeline. We have enough evidence that Israel is a threat to the human race. Help us spread the word! 
 UN envoy: Israel 'apartheid'
Jimmy Carter said this in his book
 7mb audio file: Bill Cooper complains about Alex Jones in 1999
Listen to Alex Jones try to create hysteria for "Y2K". Jones should have been arrested years ago! We are fools to allow these criminals to run loose
 Rahm Emanuel; Israeli intelligence officer
We are fools to allow Zionists in our goverment. Bollyn wrote about Emanuel here, and Chertoff here.
 UN celebrated 15 years since repeal of 'Zionism equals racism'
In Geneva there are new accusations againsts Zionists, but they will probably be repealed, also. How much longer are we going to let the Zionists control us?
 Broadway star promotes John Conner
On 9 Feb she promoted him on "The View". See video at this page. Now she goes on his radio show. There is a big effort to promote criminals as 9/11 truth seekers so that they can shift the blame to Bush and protect Zionists. Conner's site is here. So, keep exposing the Zionist connection to 9/11 and promote our site!
 Debate with Mearsheimer and Walt about Israel
Transcript is here. They complain about the Israeli lobby, but search the transcript for 9/11 and you can quickly see they support the theory that 9/11 was by Arabs, and they treat the 9/11 Commission Report as truthful. More "damage control" agents?
 500 Amputees so far
Most US victims are from small towns, where there are lots of dumb people who believe the TV news
 WTC Hysteria among 9/11 rescue workers
Now we find lots of attempts to convince us that the WTC dust did not cause health problems. Here is another, and here. The issue of the health problems are breaking out, and they are trying to suppress it. Email our article to fight back. There is a war over the control of the sheeple. Help us!
 Hitler sugar packets
Are people fed up with Zionism? Or is this a Zionist trick to bring pity to Jews? The Haaretz view here
 Scientists want to replace idiot drivers with computers
What about the idiots who vote and have babies? How about the "smart people" with college degrees who cannot understand, or who refuse to face, that the WTC was demolished with explosives? We need to deal with more than idiot drivers in order to fix this world
 No Jews allowed to be President in Bosnia
Why not also ban Jews from all key jobs in media, banks, and schools?
 Video of BBC program on 9-11 (new link)
Will the British citizens complain that they are tired of Zionist propaganda? And will they complain that they are tired of Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, and other Zionist agents?
 Americans set record
8,900 people went to state government in North Dakota to make snow angels! That is about 16% of the city's population. Photos here. Imagine if 16% of the USA or Europe would go to their government to demand the arrest of 9/11 criminals. But most people want to play like children, all day, every day
 33,000 people now being treated
Some realize they are dying, but they continue to remain silent about 9/11. What is their problem? Send them a link to our article about the WTC dust, and links to our other articles. Tell them to stop acting like frightened sheep
 Polish member of the EU is pro-Goy
Or an anti-Semitic racist, depending on who you ask. That page has this link to a PDF file of his booklet. The ADL view of it is here, and here is a news article
 Medical care for Iraqi veterans will cost hundreds of billions
The longer this absurd war goes on, the more injured veterans. Billions more are taken by dishonest contractors. Meanwhile, Americans routinely suffer from power outages all over the nation, such as this, and extreme traffic problems such as this
 Injured soldiers owe enlistment bonus money
This seems like a joke, but apparently the bonus money is only valid to soldiers who avoid the snipers and IEDs
 Ex-CIA official charged with fraud
The congressman involved in this is already in jail. If this is an attempt to clean up the government, why don't they arrest anybody for 9/11?
 $393 million per year, 6,000 federal lawsuits
The health problems from the demolition of the WTC buildings is extreme, and the lack of concern by the NYC firemen and policemen is appalling. Help us inform people that the suffering is due to a Zionist "false flag" operation, not an attack by Arabs. Pass around our article on the dust
 Pentagon caught trying to set up Iran
But wait.. Israelis expose it; Kurt Nimmo reports it; Global Research publishes it. It looks like Israel got caught, and Zionist agents shift the blame to the Goyim. Mike Rivero and other Zionist agents also promote this deception
 Almost 10% of Michigan on welfare
As the USA loses manufacturing, more people become government workers, university employees, and welfare recipients. Taxes and tuition will continue to rise... until the USA collapses. Do you care enough to help spread our website and information?
 Hillary Clinton promises to support Israel
If we elect anybody, we lose! We must get rid of Zionism, not elect a different puppet. Warn people to avoid being a sucker. Our problem is Zionism, not George Bush, Tony Blair, or the Vatican
 Interview of NYPD officer who is dying from WTC dust
He was interviewed by the crew who produced the video Loose Change, and he saw their video. He blames the EPA for his health problems. He doesn't understand 9/11, and he never will if he doesn't get away from the deception and start looking at iamthewitness.com
 Ray McGovern exposes himself as Zionist agent
He tries to make us pity Israel and hate Bush. All of McGovern's associates need to be considered agents, also, including tompaine. This explains why these people never exposed Zionist crimes. Let McGovern's children be in the 1st prize photo (below), not yours
 1st prize photo
A wedding photo of a hero similar to Bryan Anderson. Will the Goyim ever wise up? More photos here
 UK newspaper again promote 9/11 liars
Michael Meacher, Loose Change, David Griffin. Read our timeline to understand who these people are. They are panicking and trying to promote their puppets as 9/11 researchers. The battle to expose 9/11 is on! Help us win it. Here you see them claim Israel was innocent
 Israel knew the Arabs would attack, but did nothing to stop it
This is from David Duke. Please look at our article that explains these "Nazis" are really Ashkenazis. Don't be a sucker; don't follow them into a Goy Pen
 Israeli historian says "blood libels" were true
A woman on the Oprah show in 1989 claims similar rituals occurred in her family, and other Jewish families. Video at this page. She has this web site
 Israel still top recipient of US foreign aid
We have been pouring money and soldiers into the area for decades while our own nation deteriorates. We must abandon this absurd fantasy of creating Israel
 $12 Billion in cash sent to Iraq
The Zionists use the cash to bribe and pacify the dumb Goyim. And Henry Waxman pretends to oppose it in order to fool other dumb Goyim into thinking he is our hero
 "Child porn rings difficult to track"
Maybe it because the government is involved! Here is a report on the latest arrests. We have a new video about the sex slaves at our page of videos
 List of Clinton's friends
It is going around via email, but this link makes it easier to send
 Iran challenges Europe to show Holocaust evidence
Why is Europe hiding information about the Nazi camps? Daryl Bradford Smith has not investigated the issues in thisarticle from Hufschmid, but Smith provides it because he believes in freedom of speech
 Levees.Org demands a Katrina Commission
The pressure is on to investigate the mysterious collapse of the levees. The Rosenthals, who are in control of levees.org, claim the levees failed from "human error". Here we go again with the debate over whether explosives were used. Our Katrina Commision Reportmight get you started
 Is Global Warming used to manipulate us?
A professor points out that science is "misused by politics". This is a subtle way to say the people in control are distorting issues to further their agenda. So, who is doing it? And what is their agenda? However, be careful trusting the Canda Free Press, as explained here
 One of the funniest radio pranks
The daughter of a religious Jewish family pretends to be dating an Italian, and her parents are horrified. If you cannot listen to wma audio files, an mp3 file is at this page
 Prominent Jews call for open debate on Israel
What is a "prominent Jew"? And will Britain fall for this trick of allowing Jews to control the debate on Israel? Some Prominent Goyim should debate Israel
 New York firemen buy phony diplomas
What else do they do that has not been exposed yet? Something is stopping them from exposing 9/11. What are they being blackmailed over?
 Newsweek: Return of a Super Terrorist
The "Blame the Gooooys" propaganda is intense, but is it too late? Iran threatens to kidnap Americans here. A new twist are these 3 ex-terrorists who do anti-Arab interviews. This one says he became "Convinced he was on the side of evil". Also, the first Arab to be recognized as a "righteous gentile" by Israel
 Bolton: USA has no interest in a united Iraq
Bollyn explained this in 2005 hereand in 2007 here
 Lord Levy arrested... again
How many more times will we let these Zionists get away with their crimes? And when will we arrest them for 9/11, the world wars, etc, instead of trivial crimes?
 Israeli Air Force plans to buy more smart bombs
The Israelis want to replace the bombs they used to destroy Lebanon so they can slaughter some more people. The weapons are never used for defense. The world must stop providing Israel with weapons!
 Robert Greenwald exposes John McCain in new video
Can you see the deception with Greenwald's videos? Look at who they are. They blame only a few Republicans for our problems, and try to fool us into voting for their Democratic candidates. Greenwald, Richard Jacobs, and their associates are Zionist traitors
 Senator Feinstein's rape of the USA
She helped her husband's company bring in billions of dollars. Will Alex Jones blame this on the Globalists or George Bush? Will Henry Makow blame the Illuminati or the Nazis? Smith explained here that we need to get all Jews out of this investigation. More on Feinstein at judicial-inc
 Anti-Semitism a Christian disease?
No, in this AJC press release we find that the disease has infected Muslims! Will anti-Biotics stop the anti-Semitism disease?
 Anglicans helped create Israel
If you thought Jews were responsible, you are wrong! So, stop blaming Jews, and start blaming Christians. Henry Makow has more here on the innocent Jews
 Italy approves law making Holocaust denial a crime
But what should the punishment be? A few years in jail? Or death?
 David Shayler in UK newspaper: 9/11 was an inside job
Why does Shayler gets so much favorable publicity, including on British TV? Why was Shayler recommended to speak on Jimmy Walter's 9/11 European tour with Hufschmid and Bollyn? Well, page 3 of the report says "he now practices Kabbalah". As the kids would say, Duh!

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